Farewell to Flash Player, initially set on December 31, 2020, became final from January 12, 2021. A "termination" announced for some years, given that Adobe Flash Player is a technology that has long been outdated, especially from the point of view of security. Although extremely innovative for the years in which it was born, it has always given some problems: slow loading, excessive consumption of batteries for laptops and, last but not least, an easy vehicle for hackers.

He therefore deserves to retire.

But for the insiders with the disposal of Flash, developed in 1996 by Macromedia and later acquired by Adobe, the historical memory of an era in a certain sense of myth disappears. The advent of Flash had led to developments hitherto unthinkable, which had made it quickly become an indispensable tool:

  • interactivity on the browser,
  • the creation of content multimedia: animations, graphics and sound,
  • The realization of uses e game,
  • and - what most impacts on early e-learning operators as we are - the realization of online training courses.

As happens to everyone, even the great innovators, Flash has aged and has revealed all his ailments. Its competitors, first of all HTML5 but not only that, over time they have become much more performing, overcoming the initiator and decreeing his decline.

Nonetheless, Flash remains a milestone in the evolution of the Internet. It made us overcome the static and redundancy of superstructures, making us evolve towards what is now the normal experience on the net: multimedia, sound, colorful, dynamic, interactive.

La historical memory dell 'Flash era it will be maintained by the digital library Internet Archive, which announced the publication of a new section historical dedicated to Flash applications.