THEAI applied to the analysis of training data, it is first and foremost a tool available to HR Directions by dispose of Unified KPIs on training, and of Training Offices of companies for evaluate e objectively compare the performance of different courses for durations, method and topics. 

In addition Learning Analytics it is also one powerful tool to support tutor didactic, for: 

  • Manage the tutoring interventions in a uniform and timed manner, 
  • Calibrate actions based on analysis patterns stable over time, 
  • Reduce the effort  
  • Focus interventions on potential critical issues, 
  • Evaluate the effective use of the training offer, 
  • Easily identify the scopes of re-design, effectiveness of methods, level of engagement and commitment, quality of providers of content. 
Why tutor using Learning Analytics 

There are many reasons that should push you to set up tutoring activities using the help of AI.  

In summary: 

  • Analyze general and specific trends 
  • Highlight the behavior patterns of your participants 
  • Adapt future teaching choices to the habits and characteristics of the participants 
  • Implement differentiated support interventions based on the critical issues and the status of the individual study
  • Use historical data to estimate risks of ineffectiveness 
  •  Predict potential risk situations and the people to intervene on 
  • Increase the level of analysis and intervention of tutors, through data pre-processing
  • Overcoming the reminder logic in favor of a customized user-oriented approach


LEARNALYZER it is a support tool available to all organizations for the management of tutoring activities, guided by AI reading of data.