Marketing approaches to customer engagement

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Marketing 4.0 introduces a new process of approaching the product and sharing by the Customer: the so-called 5 A model. The most effective way to "measure" the effectiveness of a commercial campaign is to calculate the "conversion rate ”From one phase to the next.

Without this necessary premise, the course aims to identify four main models of Customer Journey, also represented graphically, to which a fifth "ideal" will be added.

The teaching develops with a path full of examples and "cases" drawn from different product sectors.



Module 1 - Marketing 4.0 metrics

  • From the product to the experience
  • The Customer Journey: the 5 A
  • Increase productivity ... ... with some risk
  • The metrics
  • Attractiveness and curiosity
  • Commitment and affinity


Module 2 - Increase attractiveness

  • The models
  • Increased attractiveness
  • Companies with a human face
  • Communicating values ​​and experiences
  • Innovation and customization


Module 3 - The model knob

Typical of consumer goods, this model concerns goods that usually do not cost much, and therefore allow customers to buy momentum without too many comparisons.

Consequently, the Customer in this case focuses on price and immediate availability. Fidelity is quite low.

  • Characteristics of the knob
  • Wars between brands
  • Increase affinity
  • customer engagement
  • Gamification


Module 4 - The model of trumpet

Typical of luxury, this model is characterized by a high level of affinity. The paradox of these products is that many recommend them, but few can afford them.

  • Features
  • Promote engagement
  • Omnichannel


Module 5 - The model offunnel

Typical of durable goods and services, it is the model in which all phases of the sale are touched by the customer and in which experience is particularly important.

  • Features
  • Increase commitment and affinity
  • Customer experience in Insurance


Module 6 - The model of fish

Typical of B2B contexts, this model is characterized by the high level of curiosity and requests. On the other hand, companies often do a lot of research before choosing a supplier.

  • Features
  • Optimize curiosity


Module 7 - Conclusions

The ideal model of the bow tie.  As ideal, it is a model that is difficult to achieve, but that can be taken as a starting point to improve the steps of the customer journey.

  • An ideal model: the papillon
  • Conclusion



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