E-learning under the microscope of innovation

Interesting article by our Daniela Pellegrini on the blog of E-doceo - Talentsoft Learning Italy on the trends of digital learning and what strategies for the future of e-learning.

Here is an excerpt from the article:


With Daniela Pellegrini (Expert in didactic planning, competitions, innovation at Piazza Copernico srl) we open our blog to the experts of Digital Learning in Italy. Daniela talks to us about innovation, gamification, social learning and other current methodologies, but above all she invites us to reflect on the theme of adaptive learning. What will be the e-learning trends for 2017? What strategies for the future of e-learning?

To this question, every digital training company must answer every year to define the short and medium term strategy. But how to understand the trends in the sector? Of course, market analysis is the answer. To do this in our sector, it is necessary to monitor what is talked about the most (scientific journals, important authors, international research, but also specialized Linkedin groups), and compare it with what is offered by competing companies and with requests from customers and prospect ...

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