Virtual Classroom

The solution proposed by Piazza Copernico as regards theVirtual Classroom it's based on Adobe Connect.

The powerful tool for managing Virtual Classroom it was indeed fully integrated within the platform Labe-l Academy.

This allows both the user and administrators to use for their training a single system, easily and transparently.

THE Virtual Classroom has been effectively incorporated into the LMS system through Il Virtual Class Connector, a kind of connection intermediate software totally compatible with Adobe Connect (but ready to handle others too virtual classroom systems other than Adobe Connect).

Directly from the platform  Labe-l Academy all administrative operations can be managed, without the need to manually replicate the settings also on the management environment of the Virtual Classroom, as the systems communicate via Web Service.

The main advantages of integration therefore concern:

Back-office side

Management of activities in the Virtual Classroom in the same way as in the traditional classroom.

The creation of the files is possible directly from the platform, using the back-office tools Room and enrolling users in courses.

The platform automatically fetches the usage data of theVirtual Classroom, integrating them in their DB and making them available to the administrators of the platform for reporting and reporting activities.

Participant side

The entrance into the Virtual Classroom and the creation of the Room happens directly from LMS in mode Single Sign On, in the same way used to access an online course.

There is no need for further authentication, no credentials or addresses to register


The Virtual Classroom supports many functions:

  • enhancement of the course sheet
  • creation and association of a final certification test
  • session planning
  • set up membership filters based on membership node or business role
  • upload of course materials and Surveys
  • attendance registration
  • attribution of certifications

Several are also possible Skills related to use of the Virtual Classroom:

  • Teacher training on the use of the tool
  • Technical support to the teacher during the delivery of the Virtual Classroom
  • Appointment with the participant for the first access
  • Reception of the participants
  • Loading of didactic material in the Room
  • Lecture recording
  • Lesson editing
  • Converting the lesson to SCORM
  • Tutoring present in the Virtual Classroom



The packages of interventions are provided, as well as within the Canons, with a Ticket system, through which they can also be requested individually.

INTERVENTIONS standard package
  • Appointment with the participant for the first access

Testing the configuration of the user station

  • Reception of the participants

Opening of the Room before the training intervention. Check the correct connection by the participants

  • Loading of didactic material in the Room

Loading of the slides, questions and links indicated by the teacher. Verification of correct operation

  • Lecture recording

In addition to registration, conversion to SCORM, to obtain a learning object traceable on the platform. This activity does not include any editing activity.

  • Teacher training

Course on the use of the system tools and on the main teaching strategies to be adopted

  • Lesson editing

In addition to recording the lesson, it will be edited before the conversion to SCORM (Cover and cutting editing)

  • tutoring

Presence of a tutor in the classroom with the aim of assisting the teacher in the use of the system tools and supporting the participants in solving any technical problems that may arise during the lesson. Max 8 hours


It is possible to occasionally rent a classroom. A ONE-TIME activation cost is required, which includes training on the virtual classroom tools.

Regardless of the real time of use, the classroom will be made available for each session for 4 hours and for one maximum of 20 participants.

Only the assistance service for administrators is included, but also in this case it is possible to activate a Ticket for an intervention package.