The carbon footprint, literal translation "carbon footprint" is an environmental indicator that measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by a product, service, activity or company,  

A smaller footprint leads to improved energy efficiency, resources and a economic saving. 

Carrying out any activity requires a complex set of operations, which inevitably lead to the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. 

During the process of obtaining certification we learned many things about energy waste and the mechanisms of environmental pollution. 

And we have become more aware of everything that needs to be done to have a sustainable carbon footprint. 

With the ISO 14064-1 certification Piazza Copernico can calculate its own "climate footprint" and consequently commit to reducing it, making public the extent of its CO2 emissions and adopting policies to contain and/or offset its emissions. 

In this way we once again underline the social and environmental commitment of our company.