PIAZZA COPERNICO is a e-learning company with a solid experience, able to integrate, in a single training project, an efficient one LMS platform in cloud, the development of Ad hoc Learning Object, an extensive catalog of online courses and various support services for the training projects.

It offers high quality educational contents and solutions, creating training that involves people, satisfies the needs of companies and offers economically sustainable proposals for organizations.

Developing an effective and fun learning experience is our goal, satisfying training needs is our job.

A good Digital learning, in addition to being an effective tool available to organizations, it must also be manageable e measurable in the results, and - at the same time - really usable by the user, Then agile, addictive, nice e significanto.

Each new project is an opportunity to model the most appropriate training path, in design, teaching, study dynamics and in the fruition environment, for the person in front of us.

There are people in front of us. In front of you there are others.

We do not offer pre-packaged solutions, every choice in the field of learning must be weighted and valued according to the context, users. and to the goals.

Attention to sector scenarios and the Research and development are the founding values ​​of our innovation.


Piazza Copernico are the people behind it, a team of professionals with sound experience in the field of e-learning training, and a keen interest in the continuous innovation of methodologies

I Project Manager   they manage the projects, coordinating the activities, the team and the times.

- Commercial accounts they manage clients, tenders and funded projects.

I Educational designers, Digital Learning specialist and Instructional designer, build training courses aiming at greater didactic effectiveness and a strong communicative impact.

I Graphs, graphic, interaction and user experience design experts.

I Media Developer  they create and acquire multimedia contributions for the courses.

I Programmers develop digital content and tracking.

- Program analysts customize the LMS environment, implement the functions and the various products, follow the maintenance of the infrastructure and guarantee the operation of the services.

I Tutor and Delivery Manager deal with the HelpDesk and Tutoring process of the courses, and with the management and training activities in the classroom.

Manager and Staff guide the organizational, administrative and commercial process.

Clients choose us, and help us to grow and develop new innovative products.


Governance is ensured by management based on a functional organization of activities, with specific references for the function that report directly to management. This organizational setting allows the coordination of the company's activities with a level of control appropriate to the company size.

The working process is fully certified in quality EN ISO 9001: 2015 (Sectors IAF33 IAF37), and allows to reach the best product in relation to the times, quality and resources available.

Constant monitoring of the results is activated, with immediate action on process non-conformities.



Industry and Services

  • A2A Energy
  • Abraham Holding
  • Adecco Training
  • ADVANCE Operations Management School
  • ALD Automotive Italy
  • Almaviva
  • Amazon Italia
  • Ambeco
  • Aruba Academy
  • Astarte
  • Atlantia
  • Autostrade per l'Italia
  • B&B Italy
  • Berner
  • Bonatti
  • Bridgestone Europe
  • business school 24
  • Green field
  • Capgemini Italy
  • Cegos Italy
  • Military Riding Center
  • Challenge Network
  • CEI-Italian Electrotechnical Committee
  • CIGIERRE General Catering Company
  • CNCE-National Joint Commission for the Funds
  • Coldelco (Chile)
  • Ordered
  • Computer Assistance
  • Italian Agriculture Confederation
  • Trust Rating Italy
  • Trust Trentino Imprese
  • Confindustria
  • National Bar Council
  • Consilia CFO
  • Saturn Consortium
  • data contact
  • Deloitte Italy
  • Different
  • Doing (Banzai Consulting)
  • Edison
  • Enapra (Confagricoltura)
  • Enel Energia
  • Erg Petroli
  • They were
  • It Italian
  • EY Advisory
  • Federsecurity
  • FO.RI.S.
  • Finance & Legal
  • Fisde
  • Fondimpresa
  • Fondirigenti
  • Foragri
  • Formedil - CNCPT
  • formlab
  • Galileo Network
  • Gility
  • Go4You
  • Griffin Multimedia
  • Hewlett Packard Italy
  • SC - Information Sharing Company
  • IAMA Consulting
  • Igeam Academy
  • Innovate24
  • IPSA - Investigación y Programas, SA (Spain)
  • Iren
  • Education
  • Italdata
  • Kien Enterprise
  • kmaster
  • KMaster Telepass
  • Konecta Italy
  • Lattanzio Learning
  • lyve
  • METRO Italy
  • MyGDI
  • Mylia – brand of Adecco Formazione
  • NTA
  • NTT DATA Italy
  • Olivetti
  • Waviness
  • One Italy
  • Pontifical Council for Culture
  • Port Mobility
  • Randstad HR Solutions
  • Will know
  • SAT-Tirrenica Highway Company
  • Shield
  • SIAE - Italian Society of Authors and Publishers
  • Sorgenia
  • Step
  • Stiga
  • Naples ring road
  • Tecnologia e Sicurezza
  • Telecontact Center
  • Telespazio
  • Trasimeno - Arioli
  • Triboo editorial
  • Welfare
  • Work Wide Women
  • Xcogit


  • Entrust - Credit on estimate
  • Allianz Viva
  • Insurance Alliance
  • Assimoco Life
  • Absoreti
  • Banca Carige
  • Bank of Cividale
  • General Bank
  • Banca Popolare di Fondi
  • Banca Popolare di Mantova
  • Banca Popolare Pugliese
  • Stabiese Bank
  • Banco BPM
  • Barclays
  • BNL – BNP Paribas
  • Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
  • CF Insurance
  • CNP Life
  • Crédit Agricole Italy
  • Valtellinese credit
  • DAS – Automotive Claims Defence
  • Eurolife
  • FinecoBank
  • Fiditalia
  • GamaLife – Life Insurance Company
  • Generali Insurance
  • HDI Insurance
  • Helvetia
  • New Banca Marche
  • Sara Insurance
  • Scudo – Banking Studies Centre
  • TKS Broker
  • Vittoria Assicurazioni
  • Zurich Insurance Plc
  • Zurich Insurance Company
  • Zurich Investments Life


  • D Hotels
  • Italian Hilton
  • NH Italy
  • Roberto Naldi Collection
  • Solmelià Italy
  • Starhotels
  • Tryp Verona
  • UVET Travel and Tourism

PA and Health

  • Air Force
  • AFOL Monza and Brianza
  • Demanio Agency
  • ASAP - Agency for the Development of Public Administrations
  • ASST Lariana
  • House of Representatives
  • Municipality of L'Aquila
  • Court of Auditors
  • Inail
  • INPS
  • Sant'Ambrogio Clinical Institute
  • Italian Encyclopedia Institute - Treccani
  • IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute
  • LazioCreate
  • Ministry of the Environment
  • S. Raffaele Hospital
  • I pay PA
  • Pharma Green holding
  • Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic
  • Poste Italiane
  • RAI Italian Radiotelevision
  • Reteitalia International


Nicholas Lanzetta
Head of Italy Market

After the success of the experimentation, we decided to make the Semanticase software available to our customer care, sometimes making use of the consultancy of Piazza Copernico for specific analyzes. The tool has already given important information.

(interview excerpt on Panorama)

Luke V.

User of the course "THE ART OF NEGOTIATION"

I have carried out all the various phases as per the indications received, that is, registration on the portal and carrying out all the didactic phases… the course is very interesting, interactive, engaging, easily understandable and very effective.

Barbara LaMarra

Competence, reliability, professionalism: a true "Copernican revolution" in e-learning!

I immediately found this insurance gamification project (NDR: BIG) very interesting: useful, effective and engaging. I believe that insurance agents, who have always been oriented towards “doing”, will find this serious play an opportunity not to be missed to increase the effectiveness of their business, starting with the thorny and very topical issue of profitability. 
Cesare Parisi

INAIL - Training Office Manager

With Piazza Copernico, Inail has created a training offer for its management in line with institutional objectives. The innovative proposal, based on gamification, involved management allowing each of the participants to train and enhance a wide range of transversal skills, through an individual development program and with personalized feedback.

Pier Paolo Lanzino

Master's degree thesis in Management Engineering at the Cusano University, carried out with our SEMANTICASE software

This thesis is the result of our wonderful collaboration. I want to give it to you as a gift to all of Piazza Copernico, especially to Dr. Daniela Pellegrini and Dr. Alessandro Dell'Orto for their support, not only technical.

But above all to SEMANTICASE, my particular travel companion in this last academic path.

Cegos eLearning

Reliable company made up of high level professionals. Our long-lasting partnership is stable and effective. Satisfied to cooperate with you!

Guido Avigdor
President of the Jury Communication Area PEF AIF 2022

What are your thoughts on the winning entries?

Given the awards assigned, it seems to me that 'communicative freshness' was a common criterion in identifying who to reward. Each evaluation, as we know, is determined by both the content and the container, both of which are relevant. In this case, what prevailed was the ability to seduce and tell the contents in a light, almost humorous, fresh way. This explains the first prize a PIAZZA COPERNICO.

Petre Dini
IARIA Fellow and Scientific Program Coordinator

I would mention that Piazza Copernico provides a very large covering of learning, from active to metaverse, not to forget accessibility and inclusiveness learning. This makes Piazza Copernico a solid partner and diligent player for Universal Training and Diversity.

Prizes and Awards

Prototype "E-learning Environment for Accessible training courses"




           1st classified in the Communication Area




    Il Sole 24 Ore and Statesman
    The only Digital Learning company among 450 Italian SMEs which, during the three-year period 2016-2019, stood out for a higher growth rate.
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    Il Sole 24 Ore and Statesman
    The only e-learning company on the list of 400 Italian companies which, during the three-year period 2015-2018, stood out for a higher growth rate.
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    Financial Times Classified

Article “Learning Time Patterns: Many Study Times To Consider When Designing Digital Learning”


Project "Anti-fragility and accessibility: a combination in favor of the sustainable growth of organizations" (for Enel)


  • Mention Jury President – ​​Sergio Bellucci in the digital area and new technologies

"BIG - Business Insurance Game" project








The Partners

Piazza Copernico works in a team with a significant network of business partners and professionals.

The rich network of professionals, with reliable and consolidated skills over the years, includes:

  • teachers in the technical and managerial fields
  • e-learning designers
  • communication experts
  • IT developers
  • web solution architect
  • cyber security experts

It has also developed specialized partnerships in the various sectors of Training field for the provision of initial and refresher training courses.


Piazza Copernico for the social

We finance and support the Association OLIMPYUS, whose social aims are the promotion of Paralympic sports in educational institutions, in order to educate the new generations in the values ​​of anti-frailty, healthy competition, cooperation and ethical leadership.

The OLIMPYUS Association also supports business realities for training and educational projects on the theme of "Diversity & Inclusion", as well as on the enhancement of talents and "soft-skills", taking lifestyles and sporting competitions as models. of Paralympic athletes.

A Christmas we supported the Health and Tutoring project of the non-profit association Live Down.

The project consisted of a diagnostic process and ongoing support offered free of charge to people with Down syndrome to assiduously monitor frailty in their health.

THE FAIRY CHILDREN is a social enterprise that has been involved in fundraising for more than a decade ensure financial support for projects and paths of social inclusion, for the benefit of families with autism and other disabilities.

Fundraising involves private individuals and groups of entrepreneurs  who are committed to supporting projects for medium-long term inclusion paths. Only with continuous support does it become possible to set up a planning and programming of services for the concrete benefit of the families of a territory.

From 2019 our regular donation will go to the association ROSSO BABY ONLUS! The new project foresees that the children will be followed, in individual and group projects, by personnel trained in Behavior Analysis.