In the search for a constant dialogue with the academic world and with a view to study and research, at the basis of the evolution processes of the analysis and application models of artificial intelligence, Piazza Copernico has signed a three-year collaboration agreement between its Research and Development area and DISMA - Department of Mathematical Sciences of the Polytechnic of Turin.

The agreement will cover various research activities in the field of applied mathematics and statistics, through collaboration for:

  • Studies and researches of scientific interest
  • Support for the development of degree theses
  • PhDs with programs in the field of data science
  • Internships for students
  • Supplementary didactic activities as a compendium of the academic-professional training of students
  • Joint participation in national and / or international research programs
  • Joint scientific publications
  • Organization of conferences, debates and seminars on avant-garde themes
  • Implementation of training activities related to the research topics

This agreement further enshrines the growing commitment of Piazza Copernico in the R & D, alongside the now widely tested collaboration with IAC-CNR of Rome, started in 2016, which allowed to find cutting-edge solutions in method and technologies, developing extremely innovative training products in the field ofartificial intelligence.