Inclusion: The act, the fact of including, that is, of inserting, of understanding in a series, in a whole (often opposed to exclusion) From the Treccani vocabulary

The meaning alone explains what Inclusion Courses are.

A training that focuses on the human being, which aims at the contamination of knowledge and ways of learning, which selects content by definition inclusive, which uses technology to remove barriers to access to training content.

Explore the catalog of ready-made Inclusion Courses, to which many other titles will be added very soon.

Training also preparatory to gender equality certification and sustainability certification.

Also for certification purposes, we also offer training courses blended on the topic of Inclusion & Diversity, based on a synchronous training webinar to which a selection of our online courses is added.

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Course titleDuration (minutes)Cards
Antifragility: Being antifragile4Sheet
Antifragility: the courage to make mistakes7Sheet
Antifragility: excel in performance5Sheet
Antifragility: happiness revealed4Sheet
Active listening and emotional intelligence30Sheet
Change begins by itself11Sheet
The power of gentle leadership60Sheet
Inclusive communication15Sheet
Gentle leadership - Ideas have no hierarchy10Sheet
Gentle Leadership - Depend or undertake?10Sheet
Gentle leadership - The comparison of knowledge10Sheet
The art of feedback30Sheet
Recognize, manage and prevent harassment in the workplace90Sheet
Smartworking: how to deal with video calls5Sheet
Smartworking: how to live it well5Sheet
Smartworking: manage a team remotely5Sheet
Smartworking: the effects5Sheet
Smartworking: online meetings5Sheet
Smartworking: remote misunderstandings5Sheet
Smartworking: a dive into deep working5Sheet
Smartworking: a beautiful video presence5Sheet
Smartworking: your survival kit5Sheet