The management courses development plan is underway

Negotiate, manage conflicts, time, work in a team, communicate effectively, manage sales, teach others, are transversal skills necessary for many workers
that each declines according to his personal profile, both in ordinary times and in times of change.

Il Online Management Courses Catalog (CMO) it is made up of short monographic courses aimed at making people recognize the situations in which skills act, they tell their characteristics and suggest the tools to improve them. The managerial courses want to be the trigger for a personal reflection on their own styles of interaction with others, and provide the tools for everyone to choose to undertake an improvement plan.

The managerial catalog will consist of 10 titles.

The first title already published is Negotiation is already available and in 1 hour of use (on 11 teaching units) it presents the basics of the art of negotiation.

The methodology foresees an alternation of explanations, cases and strategies.