In a world increasingly aware of the impact of corporate and individual decisions on the environment and society, we believe it is essential to offer a training path to guide organizations and individuals towards more responsible management, with a complete overview of ESG principles.

We support the desire to contribute to a more sustainable future, offering not only in-depth knowledge but also practical tools to implement sustainability-oriented behaviors, policies and corporate strategies.

Course TitleDuration (hours)
ESG criteria for sustainable finance solutions1Sheet
Savings and sustainability at the service of the real economy: PIR, alternative and responsible investments6Sheet
Sustainability and ESG criteria1 ½Sheet
Sustainability: from the latest regulatory provisions to the integration of ESG drivers in the adequacy assessment6Sheet
2023 regulatory news on ESG ½Sheet
Regulatory news regarding ESG factors. Pre-contractual and periodic information for financial products 1 ¼ Sheet
Regulatory news regarding ESG factors. PAIs, the main negative impacts on sustainability factors1 ½Sheet