4 areas of expertise

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4 areas metaphorically associated with the 4 elements of nature

4 elements: why?

In the theory of the four elements, introduced by Anaximenes of Miletus, every substance of which matter is made originates from fire, air, water and earth

The 4 elements have a symbolic value for existence and for our personality


It represents the meeting, the sociability, the warmth of the relationship


It represents thinking, movement, mental agility and knowledge


It symbolizes concreteness, know-how and planning


It expresses the depth of feeling, receptivity and sensitivity

Relational skills
Course titleDuration (minutes)Cards
Corporate communication and event organization60Sheet
Effective communication: fundamentals20Sheet
Communication styles20Sheet
The power of gentle leadership60Sheet
Commercial communication: principles and techniques of persuasion18Sheet
Commercial communication: the framework of agreement45Sheet
Verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal communication20Sheet
Commercial communication: how to manage the negotiation10Sheet
Commercial communication: neuronal marketing10Sheet
Commercial communication: the body speaks40Sheet
Commercial communication: transactional analysis20Sheet
Inclusive communication15Sheet
Gentle leadership - Ideas have no hierarchy10Sheet
Gentle Leadership - Depend or undertake?10Sheet
Gentle leadership - The comparison of knowledge10Sheet
Gentle leadership - Emotions: true energy for growth10Sheet
Gentle leadership - Talent of people and environment10Sheet
The relationship between colleagues30Sheet
The art of feedback30Sheet
Negotiation: Active listening and emotional intelligence10Sheet
Negotiation: methods and techniques2Sheet
Negotiation between technique and emotions10Sheet
Public Speaking4Sheet
Public Speaking - How to overcome anxiety with technique180Sheet
Recognize, manage and prevent harassment in the workplace90Sheet
Communication strategies - How to give value to your work150Sheet
Cognitive skills
Course TitleDuration (minutes)
Antifragility: Being antifragile4Sheet
Antifragility: excel in performance5Sheet
Antifragility: the courage to make mistakes7Sheet
Antifragility: happiness revealed4Sheet
Business writing: phases and organization of the text30Sheet
Business writing: the secrets of effective writing30Sheet
How to become a good leader12Sheet
Leadership styles15Sheet
The assertive leader6Sheet
The ability to choose30Sheet
Leadership 60Sheet
Conscious leadership15Sheet
The creative mind30Sheet
The vision and mission of the leader 12Sheet
The 4 rules of problem solving30Sheet
Organizational skills
Course TitleDuration (minutes)Sheet
Operating cycle and accounting elements120Sheet
Training of trainers120Sheet
The value of debriefing: learning from experiences 30Sheet
Time management: basic concepts5Sheet
Time management: time in a jar5Sheet
Time management: planning8Sheet
Time management: the 10 golden rules8Sheet
Time management: dimensions10Sheet
Digital meetings. How to organize them like a professional150Sheet
Management planning and control30Sheet
Risk Management Principles240Sheet
Smartworking: how to deal with video calls5Sheet
Smartworking: how to live it well5Sheet
Smartworking: manage a team remotely5Sheet
Smartworking: the effects5Sheet
Smartworking: online meetings5Sheet
Smartworking: your survival kit5Sheet
Smartworking: remote misunderstandings5Sheet
Smartworking: a dive into deep working5Sheet
Smartworking: a beautiful video presence5Sheet
Emotional skills
Course TitleDuration (minutes)Sheet
Active listening and emotional intelligence30Sheet
Digital detox300Sheet
Emotions and emotional competence30Sheet
The 7 rules for preventing stress8Sheet
Change begins by itself11Sheet