Le soft skills they have a very significant impact on work, determining the ways in which each one relates to colleagues, to concrete problems and to work activities.

Train the soft skills individuals require, as a first step, raising awareness.

Online management training courses they are a quick and effective tool to make workers aware of these dimensions (self-esteem, creativity, negotiation skills, communication style, etc.), but also more technical aspects (time management or business writing) , and to activate a personal reflection on these issues.

The catalog of e-learning courses for the Management training therefore it can easily be integrated into traditional managerial training courses, in paths for new hires, or in skills retention courses.

The online courses dedicated to Management training they can be activated on the LMS platform Labe-l Academy in Piazza Copernico or on the customer's LMS, through the release of a package of licenses that is always sized on the customer's training needs.

Course TitleDuration (hours) 
Marketing approaches to customer engagement1Sheet
Blockchain: an innovative and revolutionary technology at the service of ethical, transparent and responsible behavior1 ½Sheet
Business writing1Sheet
Operating cycle and accounting elements2Sheet
Effective communication1Sheet
Corporate communication and event organization1Sheet
From traditional marketing to digital marketing1 ½Sheet
Training of trainers2Sheet
Time management1Sheet
The power of gentle leadership1Sheet
The art of negotiation1Sheet
The value of debriefing1Sheet
Work and private life1Sheet
Influencing and convincing by creating success1Sheet
The ability to choose1Sheet
The creative mind1Sheet
The relationship between colleagues1Sheet
The 5G revolution1Sheet
Emotions and emotional competence1Sheet
Customer engagement in the digital marketing era1Sheet
The stress1Sheet
Marketing and comunication2''Sheet
Management planning and control½Sheet
Training pills for sales staffa few minutes for each PillSheet
Public Speaking - How to overcome anxiety with technique3Sheet
Smart Working - When work becomes agile1Sheet
Communication strategies - How to give value to your work2''Sheet
Marketing tactics to act in the digital economy2Sheet
Telemarketing and Teleselling - Instructions for use4Sheet