Corporate communication and event organization

Type: Video lesson
Duration: 60 minutes



We talk about communication, branding, how to choose the name of a product, what is important in organizing an event, how to position yourself on the market, strategic and operational aspects of your corporate communication.
A guided collection of lessons by Michele Bresciani, communication and events expert, author of books and owner of MY VALUE, responsible for the communication of some important companies.
The best of the online interventions on communication, digital and event organization themes was collected. All the lessons are very short, a few minutes super concentrated.


  • Premise
  • Join or divide
  • How to choose the best name for your product / service
  • The sense of training
  • The power of stories
  • Organization and improvisation in the organization of events
  • The gold rush
  • Communication is a product
  • How to build an advertising page
  • Use soap or micellar water
  • Big events… big problems
  • How to choose the color that best suits your business
  • Confessions of an event organizer
  • We do tests. But even no.
  • The budgeting of an event
  • Because yes men are dangerous
  • Our posture influences who we are


Produced by: Piazza Copernico
Content edited by: MY VALUE