Telemarketing and Teleselling - Instructions for use

Type: Online Course
Duration: 4 hours
Languages: Italian 



The object of Telemarketing course is to provide participants with the tools to develop skills and abilities necessary to play a fundamental role in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of the service, transferring to the participant the ability to enhance the use of a multiplicity of languages ​​aimed at maximizing involvement in concrete situations and refine one's ability to “self empower” through behavioral analysis tools.


Contact Center operators


MODULE 1 - To get started

• Telemarketing and teleselling: what is it about?
• Before the call

MODULE 2 - Effective communication

• Introduction to communication
• TEST: What listener are you?
• Communication, listening, relationship
• Verbal communication
Paraverbal communication
• The customer-oriented approach

MODULE 3 - On the phone

• The phases of the call
• The types of customers
• Make appointments
• Persuasion techniques
• Criticality and objections
• Customer service and complaints management


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