Marketing tactics to act in the digital economy

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Duration: 2 hours
Languages: Italian 




The new Marketing, integrating traditional and digital communication, marks a new path for the Customer. In this course we will see a series of tactics that can be used to improve the communication effectiveness of the company in the various phases of the customer journey.




MODULE 1 - Humanistic Marketing

In the digital age, the real differentiation lies in the company that manages to take on human characteristics. We will see how the company can keep up to date with what is being said about it online (social listening, Netnography, empathic research) and then we will see what characteristics a humanistic brand must have today.

  • Evolution of Marketing
  • Companies with a human face
  • Digital anthropology
  • Social listening
  • Netnography
  • Empathic research
  • The society of adults
  • Show the human side
  • Physicality
  • Intellect
  • sociability
  • The emotions
  • Affability
  • Morality


MODULE 2 - Content Marketing

Today we are experiencing the epochal transition from traditional advertising to Content Marketing through storytelling. We will see the process through which a business can set up their Content Marketing effectively and efficiently.

  • #contentmarketing
  • The 5 second challenge
  • A new paradigm
  • Some examples
  • The insurance field
  • Phase 1: goal setting
  • Phase 2: Audience mapping
  • Phase 3: Concept and planning
  • Step 4: Content Creation
  • Step 5: Content distribution
  • Step 6: Content amplification
  • Step 7: Content Marketing Evaluation
  • Step 8: Content Marketing Optimization


MODULE 3 - Omnichannel Marketing 

Integration of offline and online, traditional and digital. We will see how the two main channels intersect in the customer journey of today's customers, and how the company can best prepare itself to guarantee customers a smooth shopping experience.

  • Strange intertwining ...
  • Showrooming and Webrooming
  • Integration of online and offline
  • La Now Economy
  • Online to offline
  • Offline to online
  • Big data
  • Big data and banks
  • Two Italian cases
  • The 5 A's of Marketing
  • Step 1: Map Contact Points and Channels
  • Step 2: Identify the most important touch points and channels
  • Phase 3: improve and integrate the most important contact points and channels
  • A photo of the trip ...


MODULE 4 - Tactics to foster Advocacy

The ultimate goal is not to sell, but to create consensus and obtain the support of customers in the acquisition of other new customers. We will see three fundamental engagement tactics in the digital age: the use of apps, the use of social networks and gamification.

  • Customer engagement
  • Wearsocial
  • Three scenarios
  • Other examples
  • From traditional to social CRM
  • Social CRM - Two different strategies
  • Involve the community
  • Gamification
  • TripAdvisor
  • Psychological reasons


MODULE 5 - Wow effect

If you have succeeded in making your client exclaim wow, then perhaps you have succeeded in making him travel the entire journey towards active involvement: reflecting on the determinants of this success is useful for having reference models applicable in companies.

  • Golden ticket
  • How to create the wow effect



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