Cyber ​​Security


Type: Online Course
Duration: 1 now
Languages: Italian 



Il Cyber ​​Security course intends to raise awareness on a highly topical issue, such as cyber security, by providing an overview of the main risks that undermine cyber security and the behaviors to be adopted to defend against cyber attacks.


The course is intended for individuals and company personnel interested in knowing the main risks associated with the use of new technologies and the behaviors to act to defend themselves.


• Introduction on Cyber ​​Security
• Methods of spreading and reasons for the attacks
• The main "criminal" software
• How to protect yourself from malware?
• Help, Ransomware in attack!
• Spamming and Phishing: more threats
• How do I defend myself from spam?
• How do I recognize a phishing attempt?
• Email security
• How do I protect my mailbox?
• Social networks
• How do I protect my data?
• Defend yourself against cyberbullying
• The pitfalls of social networks
• Introduction to mobile device security


Menu navigazione

Il Cyber ​​Security course it has a navigable menu that recalls the shape of a pc and allows access to lessons, insights, focusing questions and the final assessment test, as you continue in the study. All the elements have a prerequisite.


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