Smart working. When work becomes agile

Type: Online Course
Duration: 1 now



The course aims to provide a basic introduction on how to activate Smart Working, on the legislation that guides its application within companies and on the necessary safety rules.



MODULE 1 - Making Smart Working

  • What is Smart Working?
  • Beyond the concept of Telework
  • Smart Working and emergency situations
  • A little numbers
  • The 3 B's in Smart Working
  • Benefits for companies
  • Benefits for workers
  • The Smart Working manifesto

 MODULE 2 - The law on agile work

  • Introduction
  • Essential aspects of the Law
  • The risks of agile work
  • The working environment
  • The workplace
  • The INAIL Circular

MODULE 3 - Video Terminal Security

  • The health effects of VDTs
  • Place the work table
  • Adjust the chair
  • Place the working tools: screen, keyboard and documents
  • The breaks
  • Good practices for working properly and having a healthy life
  • 8 tips for a sedentary worker



Produced by: Piazza Copernico

Supervision: Eng. Mauro Del Maestro