The catalog of online courses specifically dedicated to healthcare sector  is in continuous development.

The online courses dedicated to Healthcare Training can be activated on the LMS platform Labe-l Academy or on the customer's LMS, through the release of a package of licenses sized on the customer's training needs.

The Catalog completes the course offer of general utility with courses specifically aimed at companies operating in the healthcare sector, e specialist courses in the medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and wellness fields.

Where necessary, the procedure of ECM accreditation it must be activated by the customer.


Course tabDuration (hours)
Personal updating of the health area on health and safety, pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 and the State-Regions agreement of 21.12.2011 [FOR HEALTHCARE STRUCTURES]6Sheet
Latex allergies 1Sheet
Behavioral & Social Engineering2Sheet
BLSD - Basic Life Support Defibrillation1Sheet
Good clinical practice and responsibility: the updates of addendum 61Sheet
Training course on shift work risks1 ½Sheet
Informed and aware consent for health services [FOR HEALTHCARE FACILITIES]1Sheet
Medicinal gases [FOR HEALTHCARE FACILITIES]1 ½Sheet
The radiation protection of workers in Legislative Decree 101/2020 - general part½Sheet
Radiation protection in dentistry⅟4Sheet
Radiation protection in radiodiagnostics½Sheet
Handling of liquid nitrogen and cryogenic substances 1Sheet
Monitoring of quality indicators [FOR HEALTHCARE STRUCTURES]1 ½Sheet
Legislation pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 in the health field [FOR HEALTHCARE STRUCTURES]1 ½Sheet
Risks from handling antiblastic chemotherapy drugs [FOR HEALTHCARE FACILITIES]3Sheet
SDO - Hospital discharge form [FOR HEALTHCARE FACILITIES]1Sheet
Dysfunctional digital sexuality2Sheet
Occupational safety - Specific training of the worker in the health sector (general concepts)8Sheet
Quick evacuation techniques for non self-sufficient patients1Sheet
Tecnostress, Zoom Fatigue and Digital Burnout3Sheet