Informed and aware consent for health services

Type: Online Course
Duration: 50 minutes
Languages: Italian 




The purpose of online training course is:

  • Describe the general rules for a correct acquisition of consent to health services;
  • Define the categories of healthcare services for which consent is required to be written.

NB: The course contains specific references to the specific forms of the healthcare facility and the region in which the course is delivered. Consequently, a "personalization" of the course is necessary and foreseen before its delivery.


Healthcare professionals from public and private hospitals.


  • Aims
  • A few definitions
  • Third parties authorized to attest the patient's will
  • DSAN 1848 module
  • Reliability
  • summing up
  • Registration of consent:
    • The information
    • The patient's will attestation
    • Patterns
    • Willingness test for HIV tests
  • Consent: the signature on the pre-printed form is not enough
  • How to get an informed consent
  • The request for consent
  • The state of need
  • Advance Treatment Arrangements (DAT)
  • Constraints set by the patient on how to perform the election health services and recorded in the DAT
  • Consent for transfusion of blood components and blood products
  • Patients unable to understand and want and Minors
    • Mini Mental State Examination
    • Test for the evaluation of delirium and cognitive impairment
    • Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care Unit
  • Services rendered to minors
  • Patients able to understand and want, but unable to sign due to physical impediment
  • Whom to request consent
  • The withdrawal of consent or dissent
  • Archiving

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