Medicinal gases

Type: Online Course
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Languages: Italian 




The purpose of online training course is to provide information on the medical gases distributed and used in healthcare facilities:

  • General physical and chemical characteristics of gases, containers and their contents,
  • Fixed and mobile systems and equipment used to deliver medicinal gases and behaviors to be adopted,
  • Security risks related to the use of gas.

NB: The course (in particular the whole Module 4) contains specific references to the Forms and to the specific Organization of the health facility in which the course is delivered. Consequently, a "personalization" of the course is necessary and foreseen before its delivery.


Healthcare professionals from public and private hospitals.


MODULE 1 - Physico-chemical characteristics of gases

  • Premise
  • Medicinal gases
  • Characteristics of the gaseous state
  • What is pressure and how is it measured?
  • What is temperature and how is it measured?
  • Isobaric and isochoric law
  • Isothermal law
  • Avogadro's law
  • Dalton's law
  • The law of ideal gases
  • The gas containers
  • Examples for determining the gas content in containers (cylinders)
  • Indicative summary tables on the contents of the cylinders
  • Compressed gases and liquefied compressed gases
  • Liquefied cryogenic gases
  • Liquefied cryogenic gas containers
  • Liquid oxygen content in the Stroller


MODULE 2 - Distribution of medical gases in hospitals

  • The gases in the hospital setting
  • Medicinal gas
  • Technical gas
  • Distribution of medical gases
  • Mobile containers: medical gas cylinders
  • Mobile liquid oxygen containers: Stroller
  • Fixed system for the distribution of medical gases
  • Examples of emergency situations

MODULE 3 - Safety in the use of gases

  • Risks related to the chemical nature of gases
  • Oxidizing gases
  • Asphyxiating gas
  • Risks related to the physical state of gases (pressure and temperature)
  • General risks related to the storage of gas
  • Safety data sheets
  • Security labels

MODULE 4 - Operational management of gases (medicines, technicians and medical devices)


    • Premise
    • Operational gas management
    • Operational management document
    • Executive Responsible
    • Structural Technical Manager
    • Authorized person
    • Competent person
    • Designated person
    • Health director
    • Quality Control of Medicinal Gases
    • Designated Medical Manager
    • Designated Nurse Manager
    • Clinical Engineering Service
    • Quality control system procedures and operating instructions
    • Plan for the operational management of the medicinal gas distribution system

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