Handling of liquid nitrogen and cryogenic substances

Typology: Online Course
Duration: 1 now



The purpose of online training course is:

  • Describe the dangers and risks deriving from the use of cryogenic substances in the health sector.
  • Define all safety measures and first aid measures related to hazards in the handling and storage of liquid nitrogen.


Healthcare professionals from public and private hospitals.


MODULE 1 - Use of cryogenic substances in the health sector. Dangers and Risks

  • Introduction
  • Characteristics of cryogenic gases
  • Asphyxiation risk
  • Risk of burns
  • Explosion risk
  • Measures of prevention and protection
  • Use of liquid nitrogen
  • Technical characteristics of liquid nitrogen
  • Most common dangers in using nitrogen
  • Clothing in the use of liquid nitrogen
  • Security measures
  • Storage rooms
  • Emergency equipment
  • Rules of conduct


MODULE 2 - First aid measures

  • Health risks in the use of nitrogen
  • The purposes of first aid
  • First aid for a person suffering from asphyxiation
  • First aid for a person affected by cold burns
  • Reference Bibliography

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