Legislation pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001

Type: Online Course
Duration: 1 30 hours and minutes




The following general objectives were defined at the base of the course:

  • Define the general characteristics of Legislative Decree 231/01 and the basic concepts to introduce the theme of administrative responsibility;
  • Identify the offenses envisaged by the criminal code which imply administrative liability according to the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • Describe the characteristics of administrative offenses dependent on offenses involving administrative liability.

NB: some parts of the course (in UD2 and UD3) require specific references to the healthcare facility in which the course is delivered. Consequently, a "personalization" of the course is necessary and foreseen before its delivery.



The target of course 231 is made up of workers employed in the health sector, in the public and private sector, who have a legal obligation to train / inform on the issue of 231 and related administrative responsibility.




UD1 - Methods of implementation of Legislative Decree 231/2001

  • Recipients of the decree
  • Offenses and responsibilities
  • Causes of exclusion of the crime
  • Imputation criteria
  • The penalties
  • Organization, management and control model
  • Burden of proof
  • Case studies
  • The expert's summary

UD2- XXX Hospital: organization, management and control

  • Definition of the OSR model
  • Structure of the model
  • To whom does the model apply
  • The OSR supervisory body
  • Behavioral rules and penalties
  • Sensitive activities and prevention protocols
  • Offense categories
  • Offenses applicable to the Company
  • The expert's summary

UD3- The Code of Ethics of the XXX Hospital

  • OSR Code of Ethics
  • General ethical principles
  • Conduct criteria
  • Control system update
  • The expert's summary

  Final test


MODULE 3 - Instructions for access to the Regional Government portal - E-Health section - Social Health Information System (SISS)

MODULE 4 - Operational tools: performance evaluation data - OUTCOME - E-Health section - Social Health Information System (SISS)

MODULE 4bis - Operational tools: performance evaluation data - E-Health section - Social Health Information System (SISS)

  • Effectiveness evaluation: raw data
  • Effectiveness evaluation: radar chart
  • Appropriateness indicators
  • Network Regions Indicators
  • Indicator and documentation sheets

MODULE 5 - Instructions for access to the National Outcome Program (PNE)

MODULE 6 - Operational tools: National Outcome Program (PNE)

  • Objectives of the PNE
  • How to read the results of an Indicator
  • Risk Adjustment
  • How to consult the PNE website
  • Treemap

Final test


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COURSE CODE: 0025_19_01