Insurance operators are subject to the IVASS certification of training or updating activities carried out annually.

Piazza Copernico offers a rich catalog of online courses for Ivass and Consob training, constantly updated with sector experts and made according to IVASS specifications.

The online courses for Ivass training and Consob they can be activated on the LMS platform Labe-l Academy  or on the customer's LMS, through the release of a package of licenses sized on the customer's training needs.

They can be purchased with different price ranges for the number of users required and duration of activation.

At the end of each course there is, according to the provisions, a final evaluation test.

For courses used on the LMS platform Labe-l Academy of Piazza Copernico, at the end of the study a certificate of attendance is issued, which details the topics covered and complies with the requirements of the Ivass and Consob training.

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Our online courses for Ivass - Consob training

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Duration (hours)Ivass 60 hoursIvass 30 hoursConsob 
Market risk and returns analysis6XXSheet
Marketing approaches to customer engagement1XSheet
Basics of Risk Management1XXSheet
Business Writing1XSheet
Blockchain: an innovative and revolutionary technology at the service of ethical, transparent and responsible behavior1''XXSheet
Operating cycle and accounting elements 2XXSheet
Understanding the customer and his needs1XXSheet
Effective communication1XSheet
Insurance contract - 6 hours6XXSheet
Costs and charges of mutual investment funds or asset management charges1XXSheet
From traditional marketing to digital marketing1 ½XSheet
Experiences in sales techniques2XXSheet
Sustainable Finance and EU 2088 Regulation1XXSheet
Mutual funds: Assogestioni's classification and Mornin Stars' valuations1 ½XSheet
GDPR - The European regulation for the protection of personal data 2016/6793XXXSheet
Time management1XSheet
The risks of investment products1 ½XXSheet
Fintech: opportunities and risks for the financial system5XXSheet
Regulatory framework½XSheet
Insurance brokerage: insurance companies and operating schemes3XXXSheet
Investments and investors: a period analysis6XXXSheet
Cyber ​​Security1XXSheet
Separate management and revaluable policies1XSheet
Cyber ​​risk mitigation, a legal analysis3XXSheet
Cyber ​​risk mitigation, a technical analysis5XXSheet
The TPL policy: from the standard to the technique2XXSheet
The profitability of the agency1XXSheet
The relationship with the customer1XSheet
The negotiation relationship with the customer3XXSheet
The ex-post reporting introduced by the Mifid 2 directive1''XXSheet
Civil liability1XXSheet
Consumer protection4XXXSheet
Privacy protection - Update to the GDPR1XXSheet
Asset protection by virtue of new family structures5XXXSheet
The art of negotiation1XSheet
Personal injury insurance1XSheet
Long Term Care (LTC) insurance1XSheet
The new forms of pre-contractual information2XXXSheet
The distribution of insurance investment products: IBIPs6XXSheet
The theft policies1XXSheet
The fire policies1XXSheet
The ethical balance in the proposal to the customer1XXXSheet
The importance of portfolio diversification from the perspective of customer protection6XXXSheet
Customer engagement in the digital marketing era1XSheet
Market abuse2XXXSheet
Marketing and comunication2 ½XXXSheet
New investment and protection strategies with a view to zero returns5XXXSheet
Management planning and control½XXSheet
Principles for the construction, selection and performance evaluation of the portfolio6XXSheet
Main types of reinsurance cover1XXSheet
Private Insurance1 ½XXSheet
Investment products between tradition and innovation6XXSheet
Operational and financial profiles of Index and Unit Linked policies1XXSheet
Business lines and insurance coverage4 ½XXSheet
General rules of conduct and management of conflicts of interest1XXXSheet
Savings and investment: advantages and disadvantages of the different options available1XXSheet
Smart Working. When the work becomes agile1XSheet
Office 2013 suite: Word, basic Excel, advanced Excel, Outlook, Power Point5XXSheet
Marketing tactics to act in the digital economy2XSheet
Telemarketing and Teleselling - Instructions for use4XSheet
Customer needs assessment6XXSheet