Language skills represent a personal need and an important tool in the world of work.

Not only to allow relations with foreign customers, but also in daily life within the European Union, or more simply to facilitate access to the digital resources available, language skills represent a vehicle of knowledge very useful for all professions. .

Piazza Copernico has, in the thematic Language courses, of complete e-learning courses general for English and Spanish languages.

It also has specific online teaching modules for the English language business.

All courses refer to the European Framework of Language Competences (CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

online language courses they can be activated on the LMS platform Labe-l Academy or on the customer's LMS, through the release of a package of licenses sized on the customer's training needs.

Course TitleDuration (hours)
¡Habla Español! - Level Advanced30Sheet
¡Habla Espaňol! - Nivel Initial30Sheet
¡Habla Español! - Intermediate level30Sheet
English Fitness - Business20Sheet
English Fitness - Every Day Life20Sheet
English Fitness - Health And Body Care20Sheet
English Fitness - Travel & Entertainment20Sheet
English No Problem - A140Sheet
English Today - Beginners - A220Sheet
English Today - Elementary - B120Sheet
English Today - Lower Intermediate - B220Sheet
English Today - Advanced - C220Sheet
English Today - Upper Intermediate - C120Sheet