Training of English on Business topics characterized by high flexibility of use and the ability to meet the most specific language learning needs.


Il Business English course is aimed at users who already have basic knowledge of the English language and wish to deepen its use in topics of general interest related to the world of work.


20 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned courses.


Il Business English course it consists of 30 units, each developed on a specific topic of the Business world.

Unit 1 Pleased to meet you Meeting a new client - formal introductions
Unit 2 Routine tasks Daily work routines
Unit 3 We need to spice up the day! Coffee breaks at work
Unit 4 A pay laughed Motivation and job satisfaction
Unit 5 I can find another job Looking for a job
Unit 6 I'm calling to arrange a meeting Making an appointment
Unit 7 The shipment is in transit Checking on an order
Unit 8 Do you like your job? Speaking about your job
Unit 9 Warm and happy Handling complaints
Unit 10 I'd like to welcome you all Opening a meeting
Unit 11 Who's speaking, please? Answering the phone
Unit 12 Doctor Fraser is not available Making and taking calls
Unit 13 hot deals Helpline - online shopping
Unit 14 Socialising Keeping a conversation going
Unit 15 I will give him the message Telephone: leaving and taking messages
Unit 16 I agree negotiations
Unit 17 Hang on second Asking the caller to wait, asking for repetition and clarifying
Unit 18 Thanks for calling Ending the call
Unit 19 A very demanding job human resources
Unit 20 What time are they arriving? Confirming arrangements
Unit 21 This is my treat After work socializing
Unit 22 At briefing Discussing a project
Unit 23 We need the goods urgently Placing an order
Unit 24 Bad news Writing: an internal message
Unit 25 I'm a very energetic person Job interview and CV
Unit 26 Good career prospects Understanding job advertisements
Unit 27 Competition is fierce Application letters
Unit 28 Already online On conference calls
Unit 29 Competition is fierce Application letters
Unit 30 Already online On conference calls


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