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B2 B2.2 Level 3 - FCE 750 Lower Intermediate


Il English course B2 it is aimed primarily at users interested in the use of the language for work and study and who therefore requires rapid and systematic preparation with a linear progression of level.


20 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned course.


Il English course B2 includes 10 multimedia lessons that develop from the situations of everyday life represented in the episodes of the sit-com with in-depth study of linguistic themes in the language focus (video lessons conducted by the teacher) and 8 lessons  (Special Lessons) to further expand users' vocabulary on issues of general interest. Each of these lessons is centered on a theme, developed from an audiovisual scene created as an interview in the studio with an expert, on the model of in-depth journalistic TV programs.

1 chill out The auxiliaries "be", "have" and "do": constructions and uses. Review of the Present Simple. Other uses of modal verbs. How to avoid repetitions (question tags, short answers and reply questions).
2 The latest hair style Language on the phone: useful expressions for talking on the phone. Examples of telephone interviews: useful expressions for talking on the phone.
3 This is my aunt Carolina! Introduction to modal verbs such as can, could, may, might, will, would, shall, should, must, have to and ought to.

The use of modal verbs.

4 Something odd's going on Summary of the various forms of the future: will, going to, present continuous and present simple. Prepositions of place (in, at, on, by; into, onto, out of, off + others). Review of the various forms of the future: constructions and uses.
5 Off to Japan Questions with the Simple Past. Questions with "like" (eg "to like", "would like", "to look like", "to be like").
6 Life's confusing The Past Continuous: affirmative, negative and interrogative form. Use of "so" and "such".
7 Respect the house rules Use of "can", "could" and "to be able to" to express skills in the present, past and future. Review of modal verbs that express probability, possibility and certainty.
8 Artistic license Talking about the habits of the past: the use of "used to". Review of question tags. Adverbs of time and sequences of events.
9 Are you really sister? Review of the comparative form: how to build and when to use. Review of the forms of the superlative: how it is built and when it is used.
10 One of those days The Present Perfect: affirmative, negative and interrogative form. The use of the Present Perfect.

Special lessons

11 Let's talk: The city or the country side? Useful vocabulary to talk about the city and the countryside.
12 Kitchen: Strawberry Whip Preparing a recipe: use of terms related to the field of cooking.
13 Travel: Capsule hotels Terminology relating to various forms of travel and their costs.
14 Cinema: Bollywood Analysis of the cinematographic vocabulary.
15 Weather: Climate Change Use of terminology relating to the topic of climate and environmental changes.
16 Kitchen: Planning meals Analysis of the cinematographic vocabulary.
17 Let's talk: The city of London Vocabulary related to everything that revolves around a context such as London.
18 Let's talk: Migration Analysis of the terminology relating to the phenomenon of migration.


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