English course Health & body care

English course Health & body care


Training of the English language on issues related to health and body care.


Il English course Health & body care It is aimed at users who already have basic knowledge of the English language and wish to deepen its use in situations related to the world of health and body care.


20 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned courses.


The course consists of 30 units, each developed on a specific topic taken from the world of Health & Body care.

Unit 1 Which animal are you? At the doctor's consulting studio
Unit 2 Kick off is at seven A football match
Unit 3 We are what we eat Food and wellbeing
Unit 4 I'm under a lot of stress Speaking about relationships
Unit 5 Beautiful hands At the nail bar
Unit 6 Are you having a shower? In the bathroom
Unit 7 It's my favorite pastime! Make up and hairstyle
Unit 8 Some homework Getting over health problems
Unit 9 You're a first class athlete! Speaking about rugby
Unit 10 I'm running in temperatures Medical information leaflets
Unit 11 This is a serious concern Resolving conflicts
Unit 12 A day ride Cycling
Unit 13 The bathrobe fits perfectly At the spa
Unit 14 I'm a shopping addict Addictive behaviors
Unit 15 I'm out of shape Keeping fit
Unit 16 Where does it hurt? Aches and pains
Unit 17 Dear Emma Dresses and personality
Unit 18 Elders and betters Manners and behavior
Unit 19 No way! Refusing suggestions
Unit 20 We get on like a house on fire Family relationships
Unit 21 Have a look at my biceps! Electronic equipment and fitness
Unit 22 Expecting a baby Speaking about childhood
Unit 23 The perfect diet Nutrition and diet
Unit 24 Environmental problems Environment and conservation
Unit 25 Flutter your eyelashes Body language
Unit 26 Yoga Health and happiness
Unit 27 Phobias Dreams and nightmares
Unit 28 Thermal baths Wellness
Unit 29 A state of anxiety Being tensed up
Unit 30 Mid-life crisis? Plastic surgery


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