Travel & Entertainment English course
Travel & Entertainment English course


The training of the English language on particular real situations taken from the world of Travel & Entertainment.div


Il Travel & Entertainment English course is aimed at users who already have basic knowledge of the English language and wish to deepen its use in situations related to the world of travel and entertainment.


20 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned courses.


Il Travel & Entertainment English course consists of 30 units, each developed on a specific topic in the world of travel and entertainment.

Unit 1 At the bar Chatting about traveling
Unit 2 Happy birthday Dates
Unit 3 Something sweet Quick snack and take away
Unit 4 Cheap flights to Australia Online booking
Unit 5 What's up tonight? Eating out
Unit 6 Free admission At the museum
Unit 7 Breakfast included Travel offers and package tours
Unit 8 A new bar in town Giving directions
Unit 9 Unpredictable weather The weather
Unit 10 How much do you charge per night? Making a reservation
Unit 11 On the air with Frankie dj Getting information about a trip
Unit 12 What a lucky girl! Visiting a park
Unit 13 I'm just looking Shopping
Unit 14 May I see the receipt? In a shop: dealing with problems
Unit 15 Where do you usually have lunch? Healthy food anywhere
Unit 16 I'd like to rent a car Renting a car and booking transport
Unit 17 Let's go to the swimming pool Leisure activities
Unit 18 Something out of the ordinary Describing places
Unit 19 The Kangaroo Island Planning a trip
Unit 20 A five star-hotel Inviting people
Unit 21 I booked the deluxe suite Checking-in to a hotel
Unit 22 I apologize for the inconvenience Dealing with problems at the hotel
Unit 23 I hope you enjoyed your stay Checking out of a hotel
Unit 24 Do you like reggae? Describing the world: climate, vegetation, industry and population
Unit 25 Phone menus Dealing with recorded information
Unit 26 Don't forget your ID Traveling: documents and insurances
Unit 27 Departure and take off At the airport
Unit 28 A big celebration Festival and celebration
Unit 29 Cultural awareness Different habits and appropriate behaviors
Unit 30 A new reality show Language surrounding celebrities and the media


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