At the end of the course the user will be able to write clear and detailed texts on different topics, understand and express ideas and concepts with a sufficient degree of fluidity and naturalness so that communication is carried out effortlessly, using the notions and words. proper to level B2.


Il Advanced Spanish course it is a multimedia training course aimed primarily at users interested in using the language for work and study and who therefore requires rapid and systematic preparation with a linear progression by level of difficulty.


30 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned course.


The main feature of the course Advanced Spanish is the wide use of very lively and captivating video content. In particular, the video section includes the sit-com "Life as an artist”Which tells in short episodes the vicissitudes of six young people struggling with the small joys and pains of everyday life.


1 The video of the sculpas adverbial expressions of manner, verbal periphrases of the gerund, correlative expressions
2 An obvious feeling adjectives with ser or estar, use of si, paraphrase of the participle, hypothetical third period
3 A última aclaración expressions with the parts of the body, expressing resignation, repentance and contradiction, the pasiva refleja
4 All's well That ends well values ​​of que, further uses of por and para, adverbs and adverbial phrases of quantity
5 A desencadenado "bull" diminutive, augmentative and pejorative, use of self
6 ¿Te fías de mi? expressions of oral speech, relative propositions
7 Alejandro's return Doubtful propositions, organizers of speech, expressions with dar
8 The curiosidad femenina enclitic form of personal pronouns, pasar, express extraneousness, ponerse and poserle
9 Better late than never introduce information, verbs without preposition, concessive clauses
10 The diary of the recoveries temporal propositions and conjunctions, the verb tirar, express trust and confidence
11 Ya nada is certain causal propositions, consecutive propositions, correcting or denying information
12 A world of colores use of ni, proposiciones compuestas, adverbs and adverbial phrases of time
13 In search of the goldígenes terms with double spelling, functions of infinity, verbal periphrases with infinity
14 Verbal aggressions relative pronouns with emphatic function, manifesting intolerance, verbal correspondences between direct and indirect form
15 Questions of heart express impersonality and indifference, make enumerations, verbs with certain prepositions
16 The wall of records express will and influence, temporal concordance in indirect speech
17 Qué dura es la vida! the verb llevar, conditional constructions, expressions with caer
18 Everything good acaba bien summarize and repeat, expressions with prepositions, proverbs
19 Reserve a road courtesy formulas, ask for information on the services included in a tourist package
20 At the hotel ask for information on rooms and services, complain for a disservice
21 In the restaurant book a table, ask for the menu and the bill, contact the waiter, complain for a disservice
22 Job Interview take a job interview, vocabulary relating to the types of contract and working hours
23 In the office make a business phone call, write a formal letter, computer-related vocabulary
24 The newspaper parts and sections of the newspaper, journalistic genres, vocabulary relating to the press


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