Basic Spanish Course

Basic Spanish Course


At the end of the course, the user will be able to deal with dialogue situations in an elementary language that concern the immediate needs or daily topics of the A1 / A2 level.


Il Basic Spanish course it is a multimedia training course aimed primarily at users interested in using the language for work and study and who therefore requires rapid and systematic preparation with a linear progression by level of difficulty.


30 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned course.


The main feature of the course is the wide use of very lively and captivating video content. In particular, the video section includes the sit-com "Vida da artistas”Which tells in short episodes the vicissitudes of six young people struggling with the small joys and pains of everyday life.

1 A rare muy house the three conjugations of verbs, the verb gustar
2 Arreglárselas is an art the articles, gender and number of nouns, también / tampoco
3 Video-confesiones the irregular verbs of the first, second and third group
4 Hay gustos y gustos the use of muy and mucho, interrogative pronouns
5 Tourists with problems periphrases indicating the obligation, the formulas of courtesy, asking and giving directions
6 The incomprehensible genius comparatives, conjugations, possessive adjectives
7 Confidencias inesperadas imperfect, demonstrative adjectives, possessive pronouns
8 Retrasos justificados the means of transport, numbers from 1 to 100
9 An inexperienced lío the use of pretérito perfecto, how to describe a person, the use of por and para
10 Free pizza during three months the use of ser and estar, the periphrases of duty, the adverbs of quantity
11 ¡Esto también es art! reflexive verbs, personal pronouns, how to express a state of mind
12 Los cuadros mysterosos the days of the week, the months and the seasons, the adverbs of time, the use of the imperfect
13 Necesito encontrar mi camino expressions concerning work, adverbs of frequency


14 Cada familia keeps on historia the relative superlative, particular uses of ser and estar, personal pronouns
15 El tercer bother prepositions of place, adverbs of place, expressions concerning the house
16 Limpieza in primera hora the use of the imperative, ordinal numbers, the difference between traer and llevar
17 A negative period the present continuous, the subjunctive, the housework, the neutral form with lo
18 A fashion jersey ask the price, ser and estar followed by expensive and cheated, the items of clothing
19 Enfermos reales y imaginarios express the moods, the conjunction yes, the human body
20 Darling to darling with an alcachofa the quality of things, food, the imperfect subjunctive, the imperfecto de cortesía
21 ¡Ah…. las mujeres! express actions in the future, the preposition with, express wishes
22 A charla with los amigos hypotheses in the future, like expressing the weather, talking about travel
23 Es bello lo que nos gusta talk about their tastes, express opinions, meals and foods
24 Masajes soporíferos the conditional, like asking and giving permission, the imperative
25 You can't send them to the corazón asking for a favor, the use of por and para, the accent
26 Atención a los dobles sentidos apologize, the verbs of sentiment, the present perfect


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