At the end of the course the user will be able to understand frequently used phrases and expressions and give information about himself and his family, purchases, places of interest, etc. with simple and direct exchanges of information on known or usual issues of level B1.


Il Intermediate Spanish course it is a multimedia training course aimed primarily at users interested in using the language for work and study and who therefore requires rapid and systematic preparation with a linear progression by level of difficulty.


30 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned course.


The main feature of the course is the wide use of very lively and captivating video content. In particular, the video section includes the sit-com "Life as an artist”Which tells in short episodes the vicissitudes of six young people struggling with the small joys and pains of everyday life.

1 Try painting use and formation of the remote past, temporal expressions with the remote past
2 Adiós to the old master conjugation of the past tense with the irregular verbs of the second and third group, particular uses of the imperfect
3 A bad impression! narrating past actions, temporal adverbs, the imperfecto interrumpido, the remote past tense, estar + gerund
4 A broma of bad taste the future de terminación, conditional clauses, use of opinion verbs, doubtful orations
5 La union hace la fuerza? paraphrase of duty, give advice, verbs of feeling, express wishes
6 A falsifying dowry Seguir + gerundio, dejar de + infinitivo, volver a + infinitivo, express disbelief
7 The tierra prometida the main verbal phrases, the adverbial phrase ya no, temporal prepositions
8 The confesion de Cecilia periphrasis with the imperfect, verbal periphrasis acabar de + infinitive, express displeasure and disgust
9 The preparations begin verbs that indicate changes, verbs with a preposition, indicate consequentiality
10 A secret admirador difference between ser and estar, describing people, formation of the adverbs of manner, impersonal forms
11 Conjectures hypothetical period, past tense subjunctive, past conditional, imperfect subjunctive of irregular verbs
12 The prueba of the nueve giving orders, adverbs of quantity, expressions with demon
13 A bronca injustificada indirect speech, connections of oral speech
14 A justo perdón concessive propositions, conditional propositions, consecutive propositions
15 Ya I can't stand you sentiment verbs, such as expressing opinions, relative clauses, relative pronouns
16 A surprise fiesta negative imperative, formation of nouns from adjectives, indefinite pronouns
17 A grandes males, extreme remedies adjectives and adverbs accompanied by ser and estar, use of tan, express satisfaction
18 An unexpected news best wishes, congratulations, thanks, the passive
19 Amenaza de salojo verbs with change of meaning to the reflexive, negation adverbs, idiomatic expressions
20 A peaceful protest indefinite, caber conjugation, verbs with preposition, prefixes
21 Enough with the limpieza modal propositions, expressions with the subjunctive, verbs with preposition
22 A terrible descubrimiento adjectives and expressions with ser, talking about feelings and talking about certainties
23 At the house of the best council express irony, sarcasm and ambiguity, differences between quedar and quedarse, the superlative
24 El cara a cara tan esperado express finality, idiomatic expressions, expressions with nariz, comparative propositions


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