A series of Marketing courses that start from the basic techniques of the discipline to get to its most recent developments.

The most recent developments in the discipline have led to Marketing 4.0, which has revolutionized the way companies do business.

Customers are increasingly attentive to everything that happens online and the possible searches they can do on their own.

operate in the digital world it therefore becomes necessary to understand the characteristics and applications of the new Marketing approach to be adopted towards this new type of customer.

In particular the series of courses "The new Marketing" is an effective tool to deepen the evolution of customer journey and above all to understand how to intervene in customers' purchasing choices.

The knowledge that will be learned will range from customer engagement techniques 4.0 a how to act in the digital age.

The series of courses "The new Marketing" it can be integrated into the training course of all customer oriented businesses, thus ensuring a thorough knowledge of the topic. The cases examined in the courses can be immediately applied to the individual company.

The catalog of training courses on new marketing
Course TitleDuration
THE NEW MARKETING - Marketing approaches to customer engagement1Sheet
THE NEW MARKETING - From traditional marketing to digital marketing1 ½Sheet
THE NEW MARKETING - Customer engagement in the digital marketing era1Sheet
THE NEW MARKETING - Marketing tactics to act in the digital economy2Sheet
Commercial communication: neuronal marketing10 minutesSheet
Marketing and comunication2 ½Sheet
Telemarketing and Teleselling - Instructions for use4Sheet
VIRAL - Effective and shareable posts. 1 ½Sheet