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The objective of the Employer course is to provide employers with the information and tools necessary to carry out an assessment of the risks to the health and safety of workers in their company. Provide the participants with the certificate of attendance necessary to be able to assume the role of head of the prevention and protection service in the company.


The target of the course is made up of Employers who, pursuant to art. 34 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, intend to carry out, in the cases provided for by the decree itself, the tasks of the Risk Prevention and Protection Service. The course is structured according to the provisions of the State-Regions agreement of 21 December 2011 and subsequent amendments, published in the Official Gazette no. 8 of 11 January 2012.
The Employer will be able to assume the functions of RSPP in the following cases:

  • Artisan and industrial companies: up to 30 employees
  • Agricultural and livestock farms: up to 30 employees
  • Fishing companies: up to 20 employees  
  • Other companies: up to 200 employees

If it is not possible for the employer to take on the role of RSPP, it will be necessary to appoint an internal employee or contact an external RSPP. It is specified that the employee appointed to the position will have to take the external consultant RSPP course. The RSPP function inside or outside the company provides for the qualification of the figures in charge through the attendance of specific training courses depending on the ATECO sector of the company.

PrerequisitesNo prerequisites are required


8 hours


The training course for the direct assumption by the Employer of the tasks of the Risk Prevention and Protection Service (Employer - RSPP), complies with the contents provided for by Ministerial Decree 16/01/97, the indications of Legislative Decree no. Lgs. N. 81/08 UNIQUE TEXT and subsequent amendments and the STATE REGIONS Agreement N.223 / CSR of 21/12/2011 and subsequent amendments for the training of the Employer with the role of RSPP The training course must be completed and integrated in relation to the levels of risk with the attendance of frontal courses relating to module 3 (technical) and module 4 (relational), not executable by law in e-learning mode, with variable residual duration in relation to the level of corporate risk identifiable with the Ateco Code :

  • Low Risk: 8 hours of e-learning + 8 hours of lectures (total 16 hours)
  • Medium Risk: 8 hours of e-learning + 24 hours of lectures (total 32 hours)
  • High Risk: 8 hours of e-learning + 40 hours of lectures (total 48 hours


MODULE 1 - The legal - regulatory aspects of safety

· The news and general characteristics of the Consolidated Law
· Community and national legal principles
· Evolution of workplace safety legislation
· The insurance system against accidents and occupational diseases
Characteristics of Legislative Decree 231/2001
The institutional system
Security actors: obliged subjects
Security actors: other players
· The qualification of businesses
Training test


MODULE 2 - The management and organization of safety

Risk assessment
General protection measures, training and health surveillance
· The contract management Emergency management
· The risk of fire
· Fire prevention
· Protection from fire
· First aid equipment and training
· First aid in case of emergency
First aid pantry
· Exempt organizational model
· Conformity of the organizational model
· Waste management for organizations and companies
· The technical administrative documentation
The supervisory function
Training test
Final test

Final test


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Issue of the certificate of use and detailed reporting to be integrated with the classroom register for the issue of certification by the body recognized as a Trainer on the basis of the State-Regions Agreement (Annex A - 2.l)



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