Safety at work - The Office Worker (Specific Training)

Type: Online Course
Duration: 4 hours



Il Workers Specific Training course aims to illustrate all the factors that can influence safety in the office, causing a worsening of the environment and working conditions. From an unfavorable microclimate to inadequate or excessive lighting. From the risks deriving from the use of software without having adequate preparation up to the more traditional electrical or fire risks.

The objective of the training, in compliance with the State-Regions Agreement in force since January 26, 2012 and subsequent amendments, is to provide knowledge and methods deemed essential for knowing the specific risks of the worker employed in companies cataloged with a level of "low risk". Know the use of personal protective equipment and the regulatory framework governing health and safety at work. The training also aims to develop analytical (risk identification), behavioral (risk perception) skills, provide general knowledge on the concepts of damage, risk, prevention, concepts and legislative insights including the supervisory bodies on safety and health at work.



The target of the course is made up of workers employed in both the public and private sectors (Article 37 of Legislative Decree No. 81/2008), who have the regulatory obligation to provide training / information on the subject of safety, as established by the agreement State-Regions of 21 December 2011, published in the Official Gazette no. 8 of 11 January 2012.

PrerequisitesNo prerequisites are required



Specific training course pursuant to Article 37 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and governed in the contents by the State-Regions Agreement in force since 26/01/12 (subsequent amendments) for all workers employed in the company. According to the State Regions Agreement, training allows workers to know in detail the concepts of risk, damage, prevention and the related behaviors to be adopted in order to protect their own safety and health, and that of their colleagues.

Workers in low-risk companies are considered to be workers in sectors such as commerce, offices and services, crafts, tourism.



MODULE 1 - The workplace and risk assessment

• Work environment
• The unfavorable microclimate
• Inadequate or excessive lighting
• The signs
• The use of video terminals
• Use of the software
• Training test


MODULE 2 - Risks associated with office work

• The workplace
• Manual handling of loads
• The requirements of the environment and the computer / human interface
• Carrying out the work activity
• Phisical exercises
• Work-related stress - the legislation in force
• Work related stress - habits and effects of stress
• Work to the public
• Object of the task
• Driving in traffic
• Intensity of work rhythms (shift work)
• Loneliness and monotony
• The fire risk
• The dangers deriving from the fire risk (Electrical Risk)
• Other risks associated with office activities
• Training test

Final test


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