Safety at work - RLS (Module 32 hours)

rls courseType: Online Course
Duration: 32 hours



Il RLS course aims to provide the elected Workers' Safety Representative with the skills and knowledge necessary for the correct performance of his role, in the field of accident prevention and occupational hygiene pursuant to Art. 47 of Legislative Decree 81/08.



For all workers elected and appointed to the role of Workers' Safety Representative (RLS), office required by Legislative Decree 81/08. The training obligation arises from Legislative Decree 81/08 and Legislative Decree 106/09, which provide that every work activity where workers are present, must have a worker representative for safety which must be formed by a specific course under penalty of a fine of about two thousand euros.
The number, the methods of designation or election of the RLS, as well as the paid working time and the tools for the performance of the functions are established in collective bargaining, as specified in art. 47, paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 81/2008. In any case, the minimum number of RLS (art.47, paragraph 7, Legislative Decree 81/2008):

A. 1 for companies or production units of up to 200 workers;
B. 3 for companies or production units from 201 to 1.000 workers;
C. 6 for all companies or production units over 1.000 workers. Companies for which the number of RLS increases to the extent identified by interconfederal agreements or collective bargaining.

The employer must communicate the names of the RLS annually to INAIL as established by art. 18, paragraph 1, letter aa) of Legislative Decree 81/2008 or in the case of non-designation or election indicate the absence of the RLS in the company (and in this case art. 48 applies).



The Workers' Safety Representative (RLS) has the right to special training on health and safety as specified by art. 37, paragraph 10 of Legislative Decree 81/08. The methods, duration and specific contents of the formation of the RLS are established in the national collective bargaining (Article 37, paragraph 11 of Legislative Decree 81/08). This training must allow the RLS to be able to achieve adequate knowledge about the occupational risks existing in the areas in which it exercises its representation, adequate skills on the main techniques of risk control and prevention, as well as Community and national legal principles, general and special legislation in health and safety in the workplace, main subjects involved and related obligations and regulatory aspects of worker representation and communication techniques.



MODULE 1 - The new Consolidated Law: introduction

  • News and general features
  • Training test


MODULE 2 - The Actors involved

  • The institutional system
  • Security actors (obligated subjects)
  • Security actors (Other entities)
  • Training test


MODULE 3 - The management of prevention in the workplace

  • Risk assessment
  • General protection measures, training and health surveillance
  • Emergency management
  • The contract
  • Training test


MODULE 4 - The sanctioning system

  • Sanctions and provisions in criminal and civil matters
  • Training test


MODULE 5 - Workplaces

  • The characteristics of the workplace
  • Signage
  • Training test


MODULE 6 - Work equipment and PPE

  • The use of work equipment and PPE
  • Training test


MODULE 7 - The use of video terminals

  • Video terminals: risk assessment
  • The workplace: equipment requirements
  • The requirements of the environment and the human computer interface
  • The performance of the work activity
  • Phisical exercises
  • Training test


MODULE 8 - Provisions relating to the danger of fire

  • The risk of a fire
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire protection
  • Training test


MODULE 9 - First Aid

  • Equipment and training
  • In case of emergency
  • First Aid Pantry
  • Training test


MODULE 10 - The risks of work-related stress

  • The legislation in force
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • A methodological proposal
  • Training test


MODULE 11 - Community and national legislation on safety

  • Community and national legal principles
  • Evolution of the legislation on safety at work
  • The insurance system against accidents and occupational diseases
  • Training test


MODULE 12 - Workers' representation activities

  • Identification of the Workers' Safety Representative
  • Activities of the Workers' Safety Representative
  • Training test


MODULE 13 - Effective management of the communication process

  • Relations between RLS and other figures
  • The elements of communication
  • Effective communication in the workplace
  • Training test


Final test


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