Training for Operators in the Operation of Elevating Mobile Work Platforms (PLE)

Typology: Online Course
Duration: 4 hours



Legal-Regulatory Form and Technical Form

The course aims to describe the reference legislation and describe how to apply the principles and procedures to work safely in the management of mobile elevating work platforms.



Workers who intend to operate as employees in the management of mobile elevating work platforms (PLE) pursuant to the State-Regions Agreement of reference.



Article 73 of the Consolidated Law on the protection of health and safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008) provides for the employer to ensure that workers receive training of a theoretical-practical adequate and targeted to the operations envisaged.


Absence of disorders, incapacitating infirmities and addiction to drugs and alcohol. Knowledge of spoken and written Italian. Age not less than 18 years.



Legal - Regulatory Form

  • Safe use of work equipment
  • Responsibility of the operator


Technical Module - Techniques for the safe use of equipment in work at height

  • PLE categories
  • Structural components
  • Command and safety devices
  • Checks to be carried out before use
  • Specific PPE to be used with MEWPs
  • How to use it safely and risks
  • Rescue operating procedures




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