The course aims to describe the characteristics of workplaces and equipment, describe the provisions envisaged by the Consolidated Law on Safety for the use of equipment equipped with video terminals, the provisions relating to the danger of fire and first aid, describe the characteristics of the provisions relating to work-related stress and the characteristics of the organizational models for safety.


  • Workers as defined by Legislative Decree 81/2008, art. 2, paragraph 1, letter a;
  • Officers as defined by Legislative Decree 81/2008, art. 2, paragraph 1, letter e;
  • Executives as defined by Legislative Decree 81/2008, art. 2, paragraph 1, letter d;
  • Employers as defined by Legislative Decree 81/2008, art. 2, paragraph 1, letter b which, pursuant to art. 34 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, intend to carry out, in the cases provided for by the decree itself, the duties of the Risk Prevention and Protection Service (ref. Low risk).

The course, lasting 6 hours, is designed and implemented according to the provisions of the State-Regions agreement of 21 December 2011, published in the Official Gazette no. 8 of 11 January 2012.


6 hours


The training course for Executives intends to provide training to personnel holding managerial roles, in accordance with the contents of Legislative Decree 81/08 and the State Regions agreement of 21/12/2011 and subsequent amendments

The art. 2 paragraph 1 letter d) of Legislative Decree 81/08, defines "Manager" as the person who, by reason of the professional skills and hierarchical and functional powers appropriate to the nature of the assignment conferred on him, implements the directives of the employer by organizing the working activity and supervising it in terms of health and safety at work.


MODULE 1 - Workplaces and equipment

  • The characteristics of the workplace
  • Signage
  • The use of work equipment and PPE Training test


MODULE 2 - The use of video terminals

  • Video terminals: risk assessment
  • The workplace: equipment requirements
  • The requirements of the environment and the computer / human interface
  • The performance of the work activity
  • Phisical exercises

Training test


MODULE 3 - Provisions relating to the danger of fire

  • The risk of fire
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire protection

Training test


MODULE 4 - First Aid

  • First aid equipment and training
  • First aid in an emergency
  • First aid pantry

Training test


MODULE 5 - Work Related Stress

  • Work-related stress: the legislation in force
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Work-related stress: a proposal for evaluation

Training test


MODULE 6 - Organizational models for security

  • Characteristics of Legislative Decree 231/2001
  • Organizational model exempting
  • Conformity of the organizational model
  • Waste management for entities and companies

Training test


MODULE 7 - Five-year update of Executives

  • Security management and organization

 Final test


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