Safety in the Workplace: preliminary study for the Fire Fighting Officer (LOW RISK)

Typology: Online Course
Duration: 4 hours



The following objectives have been defined at the base of the planning and realization of this training intervention:

  • provide an overview of the provisions on fire prevention and protection, highlighting, in particular, the effects of the application of the new provisions on the activities of the various actors involved;
  • raise awareness among users on the issue of safety in the event of a fire hazard and facilitate the adoption of the measures envisaged through contents that are not purely expository, but through extensive use of contextualized examples close to the working reality;
  • design an evaluation system capable of measuring the skills acquired by users and defining the effectiveness of the course, promptly identifying any areas for improvement.



The target of the course is made up of workers employed both in the public and private sectors, with the regulatory obligation of training / information on the subject of safety in the workplace.



Legislative Decree 81/08 in art. 43 paragraph 1 letter b) establishes that the employer is required to designate one or more workers in charge of the implementation of fire prevention, fire fighting and emergency management measures.

All workers who carry out the role of employee of the fire emergency team must receive specific training through specific courses. The content and duration of these fire training courses must be related to the type of activity and the fire risk level of the same (low risk, medium risk or high risk).

Classification of activities with LOW risk level: This category of activities includes those that cannot be classified as medium and high risk and where, in general, there are low-flammable substances, where operating conditions offer little possibility of outbreaks and where not there are probabilities of propagation of the flames.

No prerequisites are required



MODULE 1 - The fire: risks and strategies

  • The risk of fire
  • Fire fighting strategies
  • Fire of electrical origin

Training test


MODULE 2 - Fire prevention and safety systems

  • Fire prevention
  • The alarm procedures
  • The exodus routes

Training test


MODULE 3 - Emergency management

  • Fire protection
  • The annual exercise
  • The emergency plan
  • Characteristics and rules of use of fire extinguishers
  • Instructions for the use of fire extinguishers in case of fire
  • Exercise on the use of fire extinguishers

Training test

Final test


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