A set of e-learning courses and videolessons, eligible to obtain the subsidy of Training 4.0 tax credit, relating expenses relating to activities incurred for its employees for training on technologies, as specified in National Industry 4.0 Plan.

The training provided for in the Plan must be provided on the following topics:

  • Big data and data analysis;
  • Cloud and fog computing;
  • Cyber ​​security;
  • Cyber-physical systems;
  • Rapid prototyping;
  • Augmented reality and visualization systems;
  • Advanced and collaborative robotics;
  • Human machine interface;
  • Additive manufacturing;
  • Internet of things and machines;
  • Digital integration of business processes.

The 4.0 Training tax credit is an automatic standard, for which a series of bureaucratic requirements are however mandatory.

In order to face these obligations with the necessary peace of mind, PIAZZA COPERNICO can offer specific advice, especially in the following phases:

  • Structuring of a training plan
  • Reporting of expenses incurred
  • Certification by a statutory auditor

Our online courses for Industry 4.0 Training

Introduction to Industry 4.0

Course TitleDuration (hours) Online CourseVideo lesson
Industry 4.0: the Digital Transformation1 SheetX

Cyber ​​Security in Industry 4.0

Course TitleDuration (hours) Online CourseVideo lesson
GDPR. The European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data 3 SheetX
GDPR Focus 4 ½SheetX
The fundamentals of cyber security ½SheetX
Cyber ​​risk mitigation, a technical analysis 5 SheetX

The enabling technologies

Course TitleDuration (hours) Online CourseVideo lesson
The 5G 1SheetX
Ergonomics from the factory to the robot 1 SheetX
Ergonomics and the new industrial revolution - part 1 1 SheetX
Ergonomics and the new industrial revolution - part 2 1 SheetX
Ergonomics in the smart factory 1 SheetX
Ergonomics of maintenance1 SheetX
Introduction to cloud computing 3 ½SheetX
Services and distribution 2 ½SheetX
IT architectures 2 SheetX
Data center 2SheetX
A data scientist software In preparation

Logistics 4.0

Course TitleDuration (hours) Online CourseVideo lesson
Logistics 4.0: introduction to Digital Transformation 2 ½Sheetx
Interlogistics and process automation In preparation