Men and women have different ways of communicating, listening, solving problems, making decisions, managing emotions and stress, dealing with conflicts.

Knowing and exploiting these differences is the way to go in order to obtain concrete results in terms of gender equality.

General objectives of the Woman Empowerment approach

  • Facilitate self-awareness and control over one's choices, decisions and actions for the female universe, both in the sphere of personal relationships and in that of working and social life
  • Enhance the role of female talents
  • Recognize the uniqueness and value of women within working contexts
  • Enhance the role of female winning attributes (empathy, listening, collaboration, hospitality, flexibility, multitasking, ...)

Specific objectives of the Woman Empowerment courses

  • Promote the development of a culture based on Inclusion & Diversity, which is a competitive factor to increase the economic value of companies
  • Recognize and enhance the value of a "feminine" approach in the workplace
  • Provide an online path on hard skills (safety and risk assessment)
  • Provide an online path on soft skills, with specific reference to gender difference
Course titleDuration (minutes)Cards
Antifragility: Being antifragile4Sheet
Antifragility: the courage to make mistakes7Sheet
Antifragility: excel in performance5Sheet
Antifragility: happiness revealed4Sheet
Active listening and emotional intelligence30Sheet
Manage and prevent workplace harassment45Sheet
Change begins by itself11Sheet
The power of gentle leadership60Sheet
Inclusive communication15Sheet
Gentle Leadership - Depend or undertake?10Sheet
Gentle leadership - The comparison of knowledge10Sheet
Gentle leadership - Emotions: true energy for growth10Sheet
Gentle leadership - Ideas have no hierarchy10Sheet
Gentle leadership - Talent of people and environment10Sheet
Recognize workplace harassment45Sheet
Recognize, manage and prevent harassment in the workplace90Sheet
Smartworking: how to deal with video calls5Sheet
Smartworking: how to live it well5Sheet
Smartworking: manage a team remotely5Sheet
Smartworking: the effects5Sheet
Smartworking: online meetings5Sheet
Smartworking: remote misunderstandings5Sheet
Smartworking: a dive into deep working5Sheet
Smartworking: a beautiful video presence5Sheet
Smartworking: your survival kit5Sheet