1 A1 Italian French Spanish German
2 A2 Italian French Spanish German
3 B1 Italian French Spanish German
4 B2 Monolingual (English)
5 C1-C2 Monolingual (English)

Each Subscription it is made up 100 teaching units.

Each teaching unit has a duration of approx 30 minutes.

TOTAL DURATION OF THE COURSE (from Level A1 to Level C2): 270 hours.


Conceived by English-speaking teachers with long teaching experience, the course combines language learning with the assimilation of the most relevant aspects of the culture of English-speaking countries, with attention also to the linguistic and cultural elements that distinguish British culture from American culture.

Particular emphasis is given to English as an international language of communication.

The complete course allows you to develop the 4 language skills, listening/oral expression/reading/writing.

The introduction of grammatical structures takes place according to the real communicative needs and taking into account the actual level reached.
The lexical stock is increased based on the frequency of occurrence of words and expressions in the modern English language, from the first 2.000 most important words of the A1 level to over 8.000 words of the C1/C2 level.

The teaching units dedicated to pronunciation pay attention to the different pronunciation nuances of British and American English.

At higher levels you learn to communicate in the specialized languages ​​used in various professional fields (economics, justice, journalism).

It guarantees excellent preparation for obtaining the certifications Cambridge (KET, PET, etc.), del Trinity College (ISE, GESE), del TOEFL e TOEIC.