From traditional marketing to digital marketing

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Modern Marketing has gone through some crucial phases in its history: from the centrality of the product to the centrality of the Customer. The customer then became a person of flesh and blood with a mind and above all a heart.

Digital Marketing starts from this humanistic premise to enrich it with a new dimension, the digital one. And it's not just a matter of translating everything onto the internet. It is a question of radically changing the paradigm, as we will see in this course. We will do it with a path full of examples and "cases" drawn from different product sectors.




MODULE 1 - Towards an inclusive, horizontal and social marketing

From a demographic, economic and technological point of view, the hegemony of some parts of the so-called developed world is no longer as clear-cut as in the past. Social media break down geographical and demographic barriers.

Vertical brand communication is welcomed with increasing distrust by the public. Much more trust is given to the circle of real and virtual acquaintances.

The purchasing process is becoming increasingly social: Customers seek reviews and ask for advice online and offline.

  • Power goes towards connected customers
  • A life social
  • From exclusive to inclusive
  • A common front
  • Inclusive and exponential
  • Open Banking
  • A world without clear boundaries
  • From vertical to horizontal
  • The LEGO case
  • New competitors
  • The F factor
  • From individual to social


MODULE 2 - The contradictions of Marketing 4.0

The paradoxes of modern marketing and connected customers.

The first paradox with which we will confront is that in which, in a digital and connected world, customers are once again looking for physical interaction. Online and offline complement each other and are both necessary.

The second paradox is that customers have an immense amount of information available, but precisely for this reason they prefer to rely on current opinion in order not to waste time deciding independently.

The third paradox is that even negative word of mouth is useful, as it serves to activate the positive one.

  • New protagonists
  • Everything goes through 6 inches
  • Three levels of connectivity
  • Online interaction and offline interaction
  • Augmented reality
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, Advocate
  • Informed customer / distracted customer
  • Negative / positive word of mouth


MODULE 3 - Digital subcultures

Digital marketing also knows the segmentation, linked to the identification of three large categories of network users who make an opinion: young people, women and citizens of the network. In this chapter we will see how these categories behave and how they can influence the choices of other customers.

  • Young people
  • Women. Female marketing
  • Netizens. Evangelizers, content creators.


MODULE 4 - Marketing 4.0: from traditional to digital

From segmentation to confirmation. How to replace undifferentiated communication with a personalized message? The firm must behave like a friend who wants to help, not like a hunter chasing prey.

From positioning to company code. The speed that characterizes modern markets requires the ability to adapt without ever losing sight of the deepest character of one's offer proposition and of the values ​​that distinguish the company.

From four P to four C. The traditional marketing mix must be reviewed in the light of the four C's of the connected world.

Collaborative customer care. In the era of Marketing 4.0, the Customer is no longer considered a simple product target, but is the protagonist of the process, collaborating with the company and using self-service resources or structures.

Digital Marketing must not replace the traditional one: it must rather integrate it in the various phases of the Customer's "journey".

  • From targeting to confirmation
  • From positioning to authenticity
  • From 4 P to 4 C
  • Peer-to-peer economy
  • From customer service to collaborative customer care
  • Traditional and digital marketing



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