From resilience to Antifragility


Delivery method: Virtual Classroom
Duration: 1 meeting of 4 hours
N ° Participants: max 20/25




  • The course aims to increase self-knowledge, and analyze one's reactions to adverse situations. Furthermore, the course aims to make people understand what it means to be antifragile and how to develop a positive mindset towards change.


  • Self-knowledge and one's own reactions to change.
  • Automatic dysfunctional behaviors.
  • Understand what it means to be antifragile.
  • Develop a positive mindset towards change and uncertain conditions and react to adverse situations by strengthening yourself.

How to:

  • How the human mind works in adverse situations
  • Train cognitive flexibility
  • locus of control


The training activity will be delivered by applying a methodology based on the alternation of theoretical sessions, use of emotional images and exercises capable of making the theoretical concepts expressed more effective.

Educational Materials:

  • slide
  • Reading tips
  • Online courses «Antifragility»