The educational path built in 2023 during the training course held atIIS T. Salvini by teachers Lucia Magno and Sara Zuzzi, by Mario Santoro of the CNR-IAC and by Daniela Pellegrini of Piazza Copernico, of whom we reported in April 2023 in a three-way interview with its promoters, Interaction between school, research and work (, was again presented to the Mamiani High School during the third national seminar of the Classical High Schools Network entitled "Classical high school and generation Z in the era of artificial intelligence" 

The seminar aimed to highlight the new needs dictated by the changes imposed by the gradual integration of Artificial Intelligence into the school system and the possible solutions and application prospects.  

Ithe day Vfriday 22 March 2024, during the Working groups, we also talked about experiences meaningful training through cui AI can improve the effectiveness of learning and teaching, personalizing students' educational experience and supporting teachers in their work, and the educational path was also presented, in this case in the context of Latin, who used our software semantic case. 

The fact that our experience of collaboration with il Mameli Classical High School of Rome about using TO THE - semantic case in teaching continue to be presented after a year as an example of best practice in the school environment reinforces our constant commitment topushing towards itintegration between school, research and work.