Wednesday June 20 I was lucky enough to attend in the Aula Magna of the Luigi Bocconi University of Milan at the first Digital Convergence Day, event organized by The Digital Box in collaboration with the 'Luigi Bocconi University  dedicated to convergence between Social Media, Mobile and Artificial Intelligence.

The initiative was born with the aim of deepening the new rules dictated by digital, which force companies to understand and exploit the combined potential of Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile, which generate innumerable possibilities of real-time contact and the birth of new businesses.

During the day, the protagonists of digital innovation alternated individually and in round tables Microsoft, Google, Facebook, CA Technologies, FBK, Bocconi University and Siena University professors, Marketing and Communication experts, and above all - for the first time in Italy - the most famous of the chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki, really nice and effective in his speeches rich in content and also very funny thanks to his natural ironic talent.

In this type of event it rarely happens to be nailed to listen with interest to all the interventions, and instead as if by magic this has happened: I have not seen anyone leave their place or get distracted on their cell phones, because all the interventions that followed one another with rhythm pressing were interesting, intelligent and useful.

The topics addressed were many, and all dealt with a convergent logic. We talked about the Smartphone as the ultimate terminal of converging strategies, the logic of information speed, the spread of Chatbots, the language platform, Machine Learning, the importance of the quality of Big Data, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, collaboration between man and machine, of Social Listening, of the rational and conscious use of Social Media, without forgetting the attention to the potential social utility of all these tools.

Leaving aside the more technical aspects at the Marketing level, among the many interesting ideas I want to remember in particular some concepts that emerged transversally in many interventions:

• QUALITY OF DATA. The logic of speed and availability of data dictated by Mobile and Social must not make us forget the objective of always offering relevant, controlled, quality content

• COLLABORATION BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE. Machine learning works well only if the data is of quality, because the machine learns through big data, from which it extracts information. If the information is incorrect, the machine cannot become intelligent. The machine works well if its learning is properly supervised / trained by the human.

• RESPONSIBLE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. AI applications must be made available to everyone, and in particular they must be used to promote sustainability, inclusion, dignity, protection of privacy, research in the medical field.

Silvia Pochettino

Management and Organization Consultant