The corporate training strategy must now be thought about, or rethought, in digital optics.


We offer companies our consulting model in the creation of a corporate Academy or in the digital transformation of existing Academies.

The Piazza Copernico model aims to offer companies that need it a path that acts as a guide for the drafting of the organizational methods necessary to ensure the full development of the Academy Creation and Academy Digitalization projects, with particular reference to:

to corporate roles and activities

to dialogue with the process owners

to the design, development, validation processes

to monitoring and evolutionary maintenance activities

The know-how of each company is a strategic asset to be enhanced and increased.

The Academies are internal training structures of companies born with the aim of preside over key knowledge, of enhance growth paths professional e reduce the loss of know-how resulting from changes in the workforce.

Our challenge today is to reorganize and innovate traditional training structures to transform them into new Academies, capable of:

Bet on digital technologies to deliver content and services

Manage the wealth of knowledge and business skills

To measure the achievement of objectives through monitoring tools and big data analysis

What is the role of PIAZZA COPERNICO

Our role is to accompany customers in the Digital Evolution of the Academies, through:

Design of new training processes, new hybrid training models and new monitoring and evaluation tools

Training of the professionals involved in the new training processes (platform administrators, tutors, teachers) both through structured training interventions and through mentoring on the job;

Development of digital solutions necessary for new learning experiences (technological infrastructures, digital content);

Continuous consultancy in all phases of the process, to monitor the achievement of measurable objectives through KPIs and evaluate areas for improvement and progressive evolution.

To whom we turn

Corporate: companies that want to create, consolidate and restructure their Academy intern

Provider of content and services: companies that want to expand or restructure their business in the sale of digital courses and services for training.

Our DEA model

Phase 1

Needs analysis (context, feasibility, requirements, training needs)

Phase 4

Monitoring (KPI, Data Analysis, new needs)

Phase 2

Architecture of the Digital Academy

Team training

Phase 3

Design, development and implementation


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