We publish the seventh article for the #blogging project written by the student NICOLÒ GIUSTINI


What does “DIGITAL LEARNING” mean?

In its literal sense Digital learning it means learning using digital devices, especially the Internet. Specifically, the Digital learning contemplates the use of virtual classrooms or digital media or social medium or interactive games as teaching and learning resources.

In recent times, learning methods related to social networks and even video games, tools that were not initially designed for  Digital learning and that instead are extraordinary non-formal learning spaces.


Il Digital learning it is very useful for all students and workers who wish to listen to lessons at home, in the library, or elsewhere via mobile phone or computer, in short on the move.

In practice the Digital learning it facilitates learning flexibility, because it frees it from problems of time and space, and makes it less formal through the use of commonly used and often free online resources.

What potential for DIGITAL LEARNING?

Given that the physical presence of a teacher cannot be compared to a video, however interactive, and that probably human contact with the teacher cannot be totally replaced, the Digital learning however, it is a powerful tool if it is used to deepen a study or as a real virtual classroom.

Its advantages in terms of time and costs, its easy use, the possibility of developing specific "tailored" contents tailored to the recipient, the traceability of learning paths, and above all the substantially unlimited possibilities of use, make it a tool today ineliminable for learning.

Article written by: NICOLÒ GIUSTINI

With the supervision of the editorial staff of Piazza Copernico