Innovative training products for managerial training

Reading the results of theManagerial Learning Observatory ASFOR - CFMT presented between March and May 2019, which we talked about two weeks ago, apparently Digital Learning still seems little loved by Italian managers.

In the field of Management Training, classroom courses and courses still dominate e-learning e blended they must be content with gregarious positions.

But if we exclude a minority of hard core skeptics who are opposed a priori to e-learning solutions, some very interesting indications have been given:

Digital Learning can actually be very effective if:

• is integrated into a Blended path or into a path which foresees direct interaction between participants and teachers
• is immersed in a direct application experience
• it is of excellent quality

In addition, four trends were highlighted during the presentation of the results:

• Training only works if people with their intelligence, skills and abilities are at the center: training is effective if it is experienced personally
• Learning must not be theoretical, but must become a gym for growth and exchange, an area in which we deal with different and evolving cultures and business situations
• Learning is most effective when measuring with real problems to solve and projects to implement
• Digital is a different tool, and therefore must offer a different learning experience

For an e-learning company like Piazza Copernico that has long declared that its own mission is "satisfying training needs by developing an effective and fun learning experience" these indications are only the confirmation of a commitment already widely implemented.

For some time now we have aimed to develop a DIGITAL MANAGERIAL LEARNING based precisely on these axioms. An example above all is the e-learning solution of Virtual gym , a “different” and extremely innovative tool of Digital Managerial Training, which responds to all these needs.

Our training virtual gym "Train managerial talent"  addressed to the Executives of theINAIL, that through a gamification immersed in realistic scenarios supported the management staff in the further maturation of their management skills (such as: Leadership, resource management, result orientation), not surprisingly was awarded as 1st classified IV edition of the AIf Adriano Olivetti award, in 3 different areas:  Research & Innovation, New Technology and Digital, Small and Medium Enterprises.