Our Silvia Pochettino interviewed byItalian Association of Trainers.

What strategies can a company today adopt for the person's well-being?

For many years of my professional career I have dealt with organizational well-being, corporate climate and statistical surveys on employee satisfaction - real and perceived.

At the turn of the nineties and the beginning of the new century, the theme was not very fashionable, and only the HR offices of large companies - at least the most enlightened ones - believed that the well-being of people was a relevant issue and closely related to well-being business organization.

Over time, however, many good practices have spread like wildfire, and in recent years, finally, well-being at work has returned to the center of attention, fortunately also normative.

In the meantime, we have also returned to talking about Corporate Culture, a term that now seemed confined to oblivion. Thanks also to the need for greater transparency and to the regulations that force companies to adopt stringent and public internal regulations (on health and safety at work, on environmental protection, on social commitment, etc.), Corporate Culture understood as the together with the values ​​and behaviors that permeate the company, it has once again taken on central importance.

Today we are going even further. A world of work with increasingly fluid professional positions, the AI ​​that imposes itself in daily life, the 24-hour connection, the need to attend multiple places and multiple languages ​​in an almost ubiquitous way are totally changing the concept of well-being.

To the classic incentives related to the workplace (safety, comfort, spaces for rest, Smart Working) and to Welfare (health, childhood, social security), there are now many initiatives dedicated to personal well-being, leisure, the development of individual skills, and in this sense Training is and must further become a powerful Well Being tool.

Digital Learning allows you to increase your skills in a flexible, dynamic, fast way, and facilitates immersion in changing reality both personally and at work. A new path towards Digital Well Being.