Diversity and Inclusivity - Experiential Group Process


Delivery method: Virtual Classroom
Duration: 1 meeting of 4 hours
N ° Participants: max 16




Promote awareness of Diversity as a corporate value and support processes of Inclusivity. Promote a climate of trust and nurture the ability to face new challenges with flexibility and innovation


  • Theoretical introduction "Diversity and Inclusivity"
  • What they are and why they are important for a company
  • How to recognize them, promote them and integrate them into decision-making processes

As a tagger:

  • From the concept of equality to that of fairness
  • Understanding inequalities and regulating inclusion initiatives.
  • Tools for equality in the world of work


The training activity will be delivered by applying a learning methodology based on active experimentation and conceptualisations. Through practical exercises, group reflections, debriefing with in-depth videos.